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Free Maternity Concierge Service?

Employers may now offer a free maternity concierge service to their employees.

Free Maternity Concierge Service?
  • Babywise Life

When you were pregnant, did you ever wish you had someone to help you with making doctor’s appointments, planning the nursery or even picking up prescriptions for you?

Would you believe such an amenity exists and is even free for some?

It’s called a maternity concierge and it seems more and more companies are offering it for pregnant employees to not only help them during their pregnancy, but in the days, weeks and months that follow.

Why, you ask? 

They’ve learned that women are twice as likely to leave their job after having a baby.

And while some companies, like Fifth Third Bank, are spending six figures a year on their maternity concierge program, they say it’s a small price to pay to retain their valuable employees.

“Help” continues through the first year of baby’s life and is even available to expectant fathers. 

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Would having a maternity concierge at your employer make an impact on whether you returned to work after baby or stayed home?

  • Babywise Life