squid socks Carmen Collection-NEW!

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Carmen Collection-NEW!

from squid socks

One guess which beautiful icon inspired this collection name. Colorful and ripe full of personality, this pack can't help but make us smile. Anyone else up for a getaway to somewhere warm and tropical? Oh, and make that two scoops not one, with sprinkles...I'm asking for my kid. 

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Sock Designs: Gardener, Fruit, & Ice Cream

  • Sold as a pack of three pairs, one of each design
  • 100% silicone dots on inside cuff gently hold socks on
  • Silicone grips on the bottom of sizes 12-24 and 2T-3T help to prevent slips and falls.
  • Our very own custom sizing for a more accurate and consistent fit.
  • Unrivaled image quality thanks to dye-sublimation printing technology. See our "FAQ" page to learn more about dye-sublimation and why we think it's so awesome!
  • "Squid Fit Technology"-elastic bands in the cuff and around the top and bottom arch of the foot for added comfort and flexibility.
  • 87% polyester, 10% nylon, 3% spandex

    Why we love this fabric blend:

    Wicks away moisture from little one's feet keeping them dry. No shrinking, no wrinkles, lightweight, flexible, comfortable and resistant to stretching. We're told (and agree) our socks look, feel and wear like high performance athletic socks. 

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Wash before use. Gentle cycle with like colors, no bleach and no tumble drying. Did you just read this, roll your eyes, laugh uncontrollably and question whether or not we actually have kids? Don’t worry, we’ve put these socks through the ringer and have thrown them in every random load of laundry (and you know it never ends), including some serious tumble dry sessions and they come out beautifully! Best garment longevity advice? Follow the packaging instructions. Honest parental advice? Do what you need to do.