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SmartyPants Vitamins SmartyPants Adult Complete+ Fiber: 30 Day Supply

SmartyPants Vitamins
$ 35.95

SmartyPants Adult Complete + Fiber: Five Vitamins in One

  • All-in-One formulation includes a full multivitamin + omega 3 EPA and DHA + vitamin D3. Gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients.
  • Delicious taste makes forgetting to take your vitamins nearly impossible.
  • Contains no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
  • Every batch is tested for purity and potency by an independent third-party lab, so what's on the label is what's in our gummies.
  • An excellent source of vitamin A, D, C, E, B3, B6, B12, iodine, and folate.

SmartyPants Adult Complete + Fiber combines four supplements into one delicious serving of gummies: a full multivitamin, EPA and DHA Omega 3s sourced from sustainable small fish populations, 900 IU of Vitamin D3, 90 mcg of Vitamin B12, and 6-grams of soluble fiber per serving. Fiber can help you feel full on less food and may be associated with a decrease in calorie intake when fiber intake has been increased to recommend levels. Omega 3s may help control body fat mass and stimulate lipid oxidation in healthy adults. Vitamin D levels have been associated with weight management success - those at healthy levels are often better able to achieve their weight control goals. SmartyPants Weight Management Complete are designed to help you control your weight and to get you the nutrients you need for optimum health. What's In SmartyPants Adult Complete + Fiber

What's In SmartyPants Adult Complete + Fiber

SmartyPants Adult Complete + Fiber contains only high-quality nutrients and fish oil from leading nutritional manufacturers who are USP and GMP certified, as well as natural sweeteners, flavors and colors. They also contain no caffeine or artificial stimulants. SmartyPants Vitamins are made in California according to GMP safety standards, and every batch is tested for quality, purity, and nutrient levels using a third-party lab, so you know what's on the label is really in the bottle. In addition, all SmartyPants products meet or exceed California Prop 65 and U. S. FDA standards.

What's Not in SmartyPants Adult Complete + Fiber

SmartyPants contains no caffeine, artificial stimulants, or miracle-of-the-day ingredients. While certain studies have shown that caffeine can be used for weight management, the amount needed typically comes with unwanted physical and psychological side effects such as jitters, headache, insomnia, and even vertigo. Since Soluble Fiber yields weight management benefits without these potential side effects, we think it's a preferable and more sustainable approach and one that experts in the medical community support. As for miracle ingredients - the truth is, there will always be a new one, promising results that little, if any, research supports. Often, these ingredients will be sourced from endangered species' saliva, rare fruit rinds, and exotic southeast Asian jungles. We instead chose to include ingredients that medical experts and extensive studies support for weight management. SmartyPants' fiber gummies also have no added sugar, but there is a small amount of naturally occurring sugar in the fiber we use (chicory root), which is why 'sugar' is listed in the supplement facts.

The Benefits of Soluble Fiber for Weight Management

Well-supported research has found that soluble fiber can help you control your weight by helping you feel full on less food and helping lower glucose levels. Studies have also shown that increasing fiber intake to recommended levels can lead to decreased calorie intake. In addition, the inulin in SmartyPants, considered a prebiotic, helps promote friendly, healthy, beneficial gut bacteria, which may also offer weight control benefits.

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