Kidstible Sleep Trainer Childs Lamp with Timer

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Sleep Trainer Childs Lamp with Timer

from Kidstible

Sleep Trainer Childs Lamp with Timer

A sleep-training timer and night light for kids who don't stay in bed.

Designed for toddlers too young to read clocks, it's the only sleep-training lamp to actually show progress to a child during their nap or night time. And it's shaped like a battery to inspire positive conversations about why we rest: to recharge!

A patent-pending, sleep-training lamp that lights up in cells through the night like a progress bar for rest. Portable,dimmable, and personalized. Easily adjust the brightness and color of the lamp to best suit your toddler's sleep.

Portable: Lamp recharges setting on the included no-hassle, USB charging pad. Your child can take the lamp to bed. The lamp's onboard battery will power the light for 14 hours.

Bluetooth Enabled: If you're looking for something with lots of buttons and switches, this lamp is not for you. It has just one button. You could say eliminating complicated programming buttons was an effort to reduce costs in components. Or, you could say we're embracing the 21st century. Anyway, it's Bluetooth enabled and fully driven by a free app available for your phone.

Two Modes: The app works on two modes, like the alarm clock you had in college. Only you don't need an instruction manual for this. Nap is for durations of time, like ninety minutes. As in, I need ninety minutes of peace and quiet this afternoon to take a shower, brush my teeth, and actually sit down and eat something. Toggle to Night mode for a specific wake time, like 7:00 AM. As in, it would be really nice not to be pummeled at 5:15 tomorrow morning. Easy. You're welcome.

Set Routines: Use the app. Or don't. Set routines once and the lamp runs on your schedule without having to open the app again. It's like a self-driving car for a sleep-deprived parent.

Personalize: Easily change the color of the lamp and dim or brighten to best suit your child's sleep needs.

Get the app. Search 'Sleep Trainer by Kidstible' on the Play Store or App Store.

Approximately 6" tall, 3.5" in diameter.

Hassle-free, USB charging pad included with lamp.