KeaBabies Organic Cotton Baby Burp Cloths - 5 Pack

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  • 5-PACK SET - We know that having a newborn is messy and you get milk spit ups or puke many times in a day. 5-Pack set of KeaBabies White Burp Cloths will help you with all the mess, to make your life easier
  • ORGANIC COTTON FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - We use the softest and fast absorbent organic cotton which is safe for your baby's sensitive skin
  • WIDE SHOULDER COVERAGE FOR MOMS & DADS - Wide shoulder design sized at 21" by 10.5" is enough to provide full coverage for your shoulders without getting any spit ups on your clothes
  • 3 LAYERS OF QUALITY MATERIALS - We made our KeaBabies Burp Cloth Set to be plushy and soft for your baby's liking. The front and back of the burp cloth is made with 100% organic cotton, the middle layer is packed with quality fleece which helps to absorb maximum moisture without soaking your clothes
  • MODERN & UNISEX - Thoughtfully designed to suit both boys and girls. Look modern and stylish effortlessly without worrying about the mess on your shirt while you are out. Get any of our KeaBabies Bandana Bib Set to match your Burp Cloths Set

Organic Cotton Baby Burp Cloths - 5 Pack

from KeaBabies

Your Must Have Organic Burp Cloth Set!

Newborn Essentials For New Parents

Spit ups, puke and drool are part of parenting and you'll soon get used to it. Clearing up the mess takes time and patience. But, with KeaBabies Burp Cloths Set, you'll be able to avoid such mess and make your parenting easier. Our Burp Cloths are made to be ultra soft and absorbent, which makes it your best everyday essential! Made with 100% organic cotton on both sides of the burp cloth, it is safe for your newborn baby's sensitive skin.

Perfectly Sized For Full Shoulder Coverage: 21" by 10.5"
Ultra Soft & Plushy 5-Pack Burp Cloths Set
3-Layers of Absorbency to Prevent Staining Your Clothes
Unique Figure-8 Design: Weight distribution & comfort for user 

Create Wonderful Moments Together

Our mission is to promote strong parent-child bonding worldwide through our brand and quality products. Let's create lots of wonderful moments together with your little ones!

Figure-8 Design with Full Shoulder Coverage

Designed with style and comfort in mind, our Figure-8 design is made for comfort and perfect weight distribution to prevent the burp cloth from falling off your shoulder while fidgeting with your baby. Sized at 21" by 10.5", which is larger than other similar burp cloths set, our KeaBabies burp cloths help to prevent milk spit ups from getting to your shirt or shoulder. Giving you a full shoulder coverage, you can burp your baby without worrying about accidents and spit ups messing up your clothes.

KeaBabies Tips: When your baby fuss in the middle of a feed, it may be due to discomfort from swallowed air, and continued fussing causes him/her to swallow more air -- leading to more crankiness and possibly spitting up. Instead, try burping baby to see if it's an air bubble in his/her tummy that's causing him/her to protest.

3-Layers of Absorbency

The last thing you ever wanted to see happening is to get your clothes soaked after your baby's spit up. That is why, we designed our KeaBabies burp cloth set to have 3 layers of ultra fast and high absorbency, to prevent such mess from happening. We use organic cotton for all the surface that comes in contact with your baby's delicate skin.

KeaBabies Tips: If your baby doesn't burp after a few minutes, change the baby's position and try burping for another few minutes before feeding again. Always burp your baby when feeding time is over.

Perfect For Daily Use

All parents have endless household chores and laundry. You are always busy and tired, we understand you! All our burp cloths and bandana bibs are machine washable and dryer friendly.

Wash Care: Machine wash in cold and tumble dry low. Use less amount of mild detergent for all baby's laundry. Do not use bleach or softeners.

Perfect Shades for Modern Nursery

Looking stylish and modern is the way to go for all modern parents, ditch the old and ugly burp cloths and bibs. Make your parenting life fun and pleasing to the eye, with our neutral shades and cute prints which are thoughtfully selected and designed for all modern moms and dads!Let KeaBabies Wrap be there for you anywhere and everywhere. To the park, mall, pool, beach, camping, hiking, running errands, household chores, you name it. Embark on mini adventures with your little one.

KeaBabies Tips: 

When bottle-feeding, burp baby at least once, about halfway through feeding, or more often if he/she seems fussy or is taking a long time. 

When breastfeeding, burp when you switch from one breast to the other (keep in mind that a baby who's swallowed air may stop eating and refuse to switch breasts simply because he/she feels uncomfortably full). If your newborn is only used to feeding on one breast, burp mid-feed on the same breast.

Get Matching Bandana Bibs Set

Get your own KeaBabies Bandana Bibs Set to match. Let you and your baby put on matching sets and get those cute and adorable moments captured on camera. 

KeaBabies Tips: Put on a bandana bib on your baby before each feed to prevent getting your baby's clothes wet after every feed. Use it to wipe off excess milk on your baby's face and chin. Bibs and burp cloths are the best baby essentials when it comes to feeding baby without making a mess. 

Getting tired of SPIT UPS & MESS?

Babies spit up often throughout the day and we constantly have to keep cleaning up the mess from our soiled shirts and the floor etc. That's why, we made our KeaBabies Burp Cloths Set to be super fast absorbent and ultra soft for your baby's sensitive skin. Packed with 3 layers of premium materials, the front and back is made of 100% organic cotton and the middle layer is made of high quality absorbent fleece, you will never have to worry about getting your clothes wet again! 


Our Burp Cloths collection is perfect for any gender baby or parent and suitable for any nursery settings. Look modern & stylish while burping your baby or cleaning up any mess effortlessly. 

Why KeaBabies Burp Cloths? 

  • 3 Layers of premium materials: Ultra soft organic cotton and premium fleece for maximum absorption.
  • Perfect size 21" by 10.5": For full shoulder coverage on moms and dads.
  • Unisex color and prints: Cute prints and neutral colors make them suitable for your baby boy and girl.
  • High quality stitching: Wash daily without worrying about breaking it.
  • Machine washable & dryer friendly: Wash in cold and tumble dry low.
  • Soft & plushy: Your baby will love it so much!
  • Cute gift box: Perfect baby shower gift for your baby registry.