Frame It All Tool-Free 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' Raised Garden Bed - 4' x 6'

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  • 24 square feet of planting area
  • Increase the garden's size and dimensions by adding additional kits
  • Create unique designs with 270 degree pivoting brackets
  • Snap-lock brackets mean that no tools are needed for assembly
  • Easy to follow Assembly Instructions included

Tool-Free 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' Raised Garden Bed - 4' x 6'

from Frame It All

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Raised Garden is value-priced, low maintenance, all weather durable, versatile – and dare we say it, downright beautiful! Food-grade safe. No tools required.

Want to add terrific eye-appeal to your garden, larger terrace or patio? Large capacity yet with a modest foot print, this raised garden bed has it all – and so much more – delivering on looks, great functionality and flexibility.

Just add fresh clean soil, some nutrients, seeds or plantings and you’re set to go. Even the kids can get involved, gaining valuable lessons in nature. Just visualize harvesting an abundance of the fresh fruits, veggies and flowers you planted – then hand-picked direct from your raised garden to table, month after month.

Maximum options in a minimum of space. It is great for growing tall veggies or flowers that need strong root systems (like tomatoes), and equally useful for root vegetables like carrots or garlic that need depth to develop freely.

It also works perfectly as an herb garden. This garden gives you plenty of space and options to grow a complete salsa or spaghetti sauce garden. Grow an amazing Berry Garden, with blueberries, raspberries or currents planted in the top level, and strawberries planted below. Veggies including artichoke, arugula, asparagus, lettuce, pole beans, beets, carrots and cabbage will all thrive in this multi-level raised garden.

For easier harvesting, try to leave about 3 feet of space on all sides so you can reach your garden from all directions to make it super-easy to run out and pick veggies for a salad. Use the two side beds for tall flowers like snapdragons, zinnias or sunflowers.

Your kit comes with everything you need except the soil and plants. The insulating open-channel boards trap air, providing insulation to your soil. Keeps soil warmer in the Spring and Fall, and cooler in the Summer, so you can grow for an extended period.

Stacking brackets allow you to install the additional layers of your garden just by inserting the stakes into the brackets below. Our patented snap-lock brackets simply slide onto each end of a board and fasten securely with snap-lock buttons. Brackets pivot 270 degrees, allowing endless design options. Tool-free snap-lock joints make it simple to install.

As your garden needs and expertise grow you can add on to your modular raised bed any time by purchasing additional Frame It All tool-free kits to extend your garden.

Include a Frame It All Worm Box to this deep raised bed to create a composter. By adding chopped leaves, grass clippings, semi-rotted compost and mealtime left-overs to the soil, you will encourage earthworms to take up residence, be active and thrive.

Did you know? You can easily get great results from your raised garden with the 'Square Foot Gardening’ technique, that visualizes the garden bed in square foot sections with a different plant in each. – There are many publications on this topic. A 2' x 2’ garden bed could contain 4 or more different plants.

The Frame It All system of modular raised garden beds, borders, sandboxes and accessories was designed by our founder, Anthony Topping. As a professional landscape designer who spent many years creating high-end gardens in the Tri-State New York area, he felt there had to be a way to give homeowners the ability to easily create quality landscaping features and gardens for much less than paying a professional.

Here’s a note from Anthony on why he designed this product:

“I'm somewhat of a history buff, so when I created this terraced raised garden it brought to mind bible descriptions of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - hence my inspiration! You can easily increase the size of your raised garden bed by adding additional kits which can stack and connect to expand your garden over time? It’s so easy. No need to move soil – just stack onto your raised garden and fill with more soil or, to increase the length swing out one side board and add additional boards.” – Anthony

  • 24 square feet of planting area
  • Create unique designs with 270 degree pivoting brackets.
  • Earth-friendly boards made from recycled plastic are durable and all-weather with a textured wood-grain finish.
  • Durability and low-maintenance – unlike cedar, composite boards are designed for durability. Boards will not rot, splinter or disintegrate. Bug & Termite Resistant.
  • Snap-lock brackets mean that no tools are needed for assembly.
  • Increase the garden's size and dimensions by adding additional kits.
  • Food-safe composite boards are made from 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers.
  • Easy to follow Assembly Instructions included.