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Empty Arms Journal: A 21-Day Guide For Healing After Pregnancy Loss
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Emotional Health Expert, and Licensed Profession Counselor, Pam Vredevelt, is a leading expert on healing after pregnancy loss, infant, and child death.  In this new book, the Empty Arms Journal: A 21-Day Guide For Healing After Pregnancy Loss, Vredevelt offers grieving parents a step-by-step guide, showing them how to embrace their pain and heal their hearts.  It is the perfect companion “how to” healing guide for her nationally acclaimed book (a Golden Medallion Award finalist), Empty Arms:  Hope and Healing For Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Tubal Pregnancy, newly updated and released in 2016 by Penguin Random House Publishers.

National Acclaim for the Empty Arms Journal: A 21-Day Guide To Healing After Pregnancy Loss:

"Pam Vredevelt's Empty Arms Journal is an indispensable tool for wading through the heart wrenching pain of a miscarriage to find hope. I clung to Pam's first edition of Empty Arms like a life raft after my miscarriage. It was passed down to me by my aunt, who had also been given the book during her time of loss, and I've since passed it to a friend who has done the same. Our copy is well-loved and well-worn, having been stained with countless tears, pages dog-eared and many passages underlined, highlighted or circled. The Empty Arms Journal now expands upon the richness of Pam's guidance, allowing the reader to fully engage in the healing process, also aiding the reinforcement of key concepts, encouragement and scripture. Pam's words and exercises provide optimal support, feeling like you're being wrapped in love while at your loneliest."

 - Katie Harman Ebner, Miss America 2002 and Acclaimed Classical Vocalist/Lyric Soprano

A healing path through grief, The Empty Arms Journal, written as a companion to the earlier work Empty Arms, is a roadmap to assist in rewiring the brain.  Grief affects every nerve system in the body.  Recovery from deep loss is like healing from a physical injury though deeper and more difficult to grasp.   Coordinated exercise of both emotional memory and expressive brain circuits has been proven to help healing from deep grief.  An understanding therapist who has personally walked this course more than once has crafted this workbook.  Pam Vredevelt expertly leads the recovery journey through a path that explores various forms of creative expression.  She weaves together the steps for grasping the loss and reshaping the emotional pain.   Using multiple methods of expression with solid scriptural reflections, this workbook provides hours of comforting re-growth for the spirit and mind.  I have carefully reviewed the content of this guidebook and strongly recommend it as a recovery tool within a Christian framework.  This book will assist any believer struggling with the deep wounds of loss of an infant or child.   

- Warner B. Swarner, M.D.. Clinical Psychiatrist, Portland, Oregon


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Are you heartbroken by the loss of a baby? Are you lost in the wilderness of grief? Would you like a wise and loving guide to take you by the hand and gently show you the way through the dark? Empty Arms Journal: A 21 Day Guide For Healing After Pregnancy Loss is used with Pam's best-selling book, Empty Arms: Hope and Support For Those Who Have Experienced, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Tubal Pregnancy.

Written by a professional therapist who has suffered the devastating losses of a baby half way to term, and a sixteen-year-old son, this step by step guide shows you how to embrace your pain and heal your heart.

Based on the timeless wisdom of Scripture and cutting-edge brain science research, you'll practice a proven 5-Step process to successfully move forward through grief into brighter days. This 21 Day healing experience empowers you to:

  • Embrace your loss in the light of God's love
  • Let go of preoccupations that block transformation and fulfillment
  • Experience moments of relief from the blinding pain of loss.
  • Keep moving forward through grief without derailing or getting stuck.
  • Find meaning and purpose on the way towards a brighter 'new normal.'

 START FRESH! . . . On this 21-Day interactive experience with God to heal your broken heart.


Pam Vredevelt is and Emotional Health Expert who has been in private practice for more than 25 years at NW Counseling Services in Gresham, Oregon. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Master of Science Degrees in Communications and Psychology, the author of 14 books, and a beloved inspirational speaker.


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