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BOB Gear Strollers Bob Stroller Infant Car Seat Adapter

BOB Gear Strollers
Duallie - Chicco
$ 80.00 $ 99.99

The BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter allows parents to put their infant car seats onto the Duallie BOB strollers providing a great deal of flexibility and convenience when traveling. Also includes a convenient tray for sippy cups toys snacks and more.


    • Compatible with BOB strollers featuring the Accessory Adapter (2011 models and newer)

    • Easy to install and remove - attach restraint belt with a screwdriver then "click" into place.

    • Folds with stroller.

    • Restraint belt secures infant car seat in place.

    • Note: The Infant Car Seat Adapter is designed for walking only due to the higher center of gravity and allows newborns to safely ride in the stroller.

    • Includes snack tray for older child

Age Recommendations:
BOB recommends that your child should be at least 8 weeks old before riding in a BOB stroller. Please note that babies incapable of holding their head up must have additional head and neck support to ride safely and comfortably. For jogging or off-road stroller use children should be at least 8 months old.

With the addition of the Infant Car Seat Adapter newborns can safely ride in the stroller. This accessory will allow parents to use select Infant car Seats with single and double seat BOB Strollers and will work with the best selling Infant Car Seat models available.

Gift Wrap not available.

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