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The Routine is Never Rigid,
but a Gentle and Loving Set of Guard Rails 

Babywise Growth Charts

To help track your baby's growth over the first two months, please review the Babywise healthy baby growth charts

Babywise authors Dr. Robert Bucknam and Gary Ezzo explain the principles and importance of Parent Directed Feeding:

"PDF (Parent Directed Feeding) is the center point between hyper-scheduling and the re-attachment theories.

'Just listen to your baby's cues' is good advice.  You know what to listen and look for.  As a baby nearing the end of a sleep cycle, he will often make little suckle sounds and may even bring his hand towards his mouth and begin sucking.  Then the parents may hear a slight whimpering, which can grow into a full cry.  Those are all cues that it is time to eat, but there is no need to wait until the baby is in a full cry before feeding him, especially if the other signs are present. 

The hunger cues should always trump
the time on the clock.

What if your baby is hungry sooner than 2 1/2 hours?  Even when Mom has been working to make sure her baby is receiving full feedings, additional feeding times are sometimes necessary.  This usually occurs during a growth spurt.

When attempting to establish a feed-wake-sleep plan, parents must determine the first feeding of the day and try to stay as consistent as they can.  Without a consistent first-morning feeding, a mother can and will be feeding every 3 hours, but each day has a different rhythm.  That will work against stabilizing the baby's hunger metabolism and will eventually affect the length of baby's nap time.

How do you establish a baby's routine that is predictable, yet 'flexible,' enough to meet a baby's growing and changing feed-wake-sleep needs? 

Part of the answer comes from understanding the meaning of flexibility.  The root word, 'flexible,' means 'the ability to bend or be pliable'.

Enslavement to the clock is almost as great an evil as a mother who is in bondage to thoughtless emotions.  Another side to the problem of infrequency (on feeding) is that some demand-fed babies demand too little food.

Any two consecutive days of deviation from what is listed above as normal should be reported immediately to your pediatrician."

Pediatrician Robert Bucknam, M.D. & Gary Ezzo, M.A.

Discover why medical experts support
the proven methods of routine flexible schedule... 

Dr. Richard Ferber: "Sleep problems are rarely the result of poor parenting."

Dr. Richard Ferber supports sleep routine in addressing sleep problems of infants... Read More

Dr. Sugar Kansagra: "Everyone should have a sleep routine - adults included."

"I don't want my child to hate me!" is a cry Dr. Sugar Kansagra hears often, but she comforts parents with a common Babywise principal: Consistency is critical to success... Read More

Child Care Expert Gina Ford: "I personally believe that the majority of babies thrive and are happier in a routine."

As a maternity nurse and child care expert, Gina Ford understands the overall goal of routine and has hundreds of thousands of parents' experiences to back her up... Read More

Marc Weissbluth, M.D.: For every age examined, the gifted children slept longer. 

Dr. Weissbluth breaks the bad news that some parents actually create the sleep problems their children have, but the good news is, any parent can correct and prevent sleep problems following Babywise principles... Read More

Hear from more parenting and medical experts
who support the Babywise principles:

Nina Vaid Raoji,  RN; MSN, APN

"Babies come into the world as a blank state, and they depend on you to teach them routine. The sense of familiarity that results from a schedule can be comforting to a baby."

Lewis J Kass, M.D.  Yale-trained, board certified pediatric pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist specializing in pediatric respiratory medicine and sleep disorders. Dr. Kass joined the Yale Section of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine as the Director of the Yale Pediatric Sleep Laboratory

"Sleep training is harder on parents then kids. Most kids are good sleepers, an the ones who are not can usually be made into good sleepers with training. Many parents worry that letting their kids cry it out will cause some type of irreversible damage to their psyche and the parent-child bond, but there won't be any long term damage."

Dr. Christian Guilleminault & Dr. William C. Dement, Founding Editor of the world's leading journal of sleep research.

"The process of falling asleep is learned."

Dr. Charles E Sundell, Physician in charge of the Children's Department of the Prince of Wales General Hospital in England in 1922

"Regularity of habits is one of the sheet-anchors by which the baroque of an infant's health is secured.  The reestablishment of a regular routine, after even a short break, frequently calls for patient perseverance on the part of the nurse, but though the child may protest vigorously for several nights, absolute firmness seldom fails to procure the desired result."

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