Babywise 3 Month Old Baby Guide

Welcome to our Babywise 3 Month Old Baby Guide! By the time your baby reaches that 10-12 week mark, you're officially out of the newborn stage and ready to get into a routine.

Within our 3-month-old baby milestones, we provide an overview of all the information you need for this stage of parenting, including sleep help, safety tips, feeding schedule and product suggestions.

Jun 16, 2017 Sample Baby Nap Schedule for 3 Month Olds


Knowing when and how to change baby's feed-wake-sleep routine can be a challenge, so we wanted to share some Babywise insights with this sample baby nap schedule for 3 month olds, specifically babies that are 10-15 weeks old. Merge Three of baby's schedule typically happens between Weeks 10 and 15:...

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Crinkle Toys

Baby can start to really grab at 3-months-old. Anything with small rings that are easy to grab are perfect for this age. Crinkle paper, textured toys, and safe toys for the mouth give baby a lot of excitement as they discover their hands and mouths.

Mary Meyer Taggies Crinkle Me Toy 2 Pc. Set - Elephant & Brother Puppy

What a fun, soothing activity toy for baby. Crinkle Me Taggie is 6.5 x 6.5-inches, with a fun animal applique and colorful patterned fabric on the outside, crinkle paper and squeaker on the inside. Features lots of interactive tags and a flexible loop for attaching to stroller and crib. Taggies...

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Dec 12, 2018 How Do I Discern Between Extra Sleep & Growth Spurt in my 3 Month Old?


Thank you for asking us about your 3 month old. Let me start by making sure I understand your entire question: Hi! First time mom here. We’ve been doing Babywise since 3 weeks old (11 week old now) and have been sleeping 6+ hours ever since she bought into the...

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Celebrate Your 3-Month-Old

Celebrate your baby turning 3-months-old with this picture perfect bib collection!