The World's First Set of Septuplets About to Turn 21

Catch up with the world's first surviving set of septuplets to see where they are now.

Seven children can seem overwhelming for any parent, but what about seven babies born all at once?

That's exactly what happened to the McCaughey family.

First Septuplets Turn 21

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In 1997, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey became the parents of the first set of septuplets to ever survive infancy, and now they’re getting ready to turn 21 this year!

In an interview in 2015, the Today show caught up with the family as the septuplets were turning 18. 

The family, which has eight children (big sister Mikayla was born before the multiples), remains grateful for all the help they received from friends, family and even strangers.

We're sure the road has been tough at times, but their story has also been filled with blessings: they were able to meet president Bush when they were kindergartners and were offered free college education from several universities once they were seniors in high school.

Since that time, the siblings have graduated high school and while most went on to college (one is in the military), several are paying their own way. It also marked the first time in eighteen years they wouldn't live under the same roof.

And now that Kenny and Bobbi are empty nesters, they have signed a purchase agreement to sell their seven-bedroom, five-bathroom home to Ruth Harbor, a Des Moines nonprofit that provides housing and support to young mothers of unplanned pregnancies, according to Mark McDougal, its executive director.

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So whether you're a mom of one or many, the McCaughey's story reminds us take time to both accept and offer help to a fellow parent in need today.

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