Winter Activities for Families

Whether at home or on the go, these activities are just perfect for your growing family.

These activities will encourage you to really enjoy spending time together.

Having children of different ages (and stages) can make finding winter activities for the whole family difficult. Toys or games with small parts are dangerous for your little one yet your older children need activities to challenge them.

Add in winter weather and everyone can start to become a little stir-crazy.

Winter Activities for Families

So, how do you care for your little one while engaging older children in age-appropriate activities?

Check out these favorite family activities for at home and on the go. They’re safe for all and will encourage you to really enjoy spending time with each other.

Winter Activities at Home

It doesn’t take long for toys to become boring during the long winter months. Luckily, you can stretch the age-span of toys by finding new ways for your older kids to play.

Here are some ideas for activities at home that include all families members:

Build it With - Ask kids to use a specific number of objects, certain color item, specific textures, or even a certain shape object to build a creation that family members can identify. Object requirements are based on their age, so toddlers might focus on objects of only one color while school-aged kids use trickier criteria.

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Build it Bigger - Using blocks, each family member works to build a tower as tall as they can before the youngest member comes to knock it over. With this fast-paced game there's lots of counting, laughter, and the unmistakable sound of blocks crashing to the floor. Each person is engaged and the littlest family member feels like the star of the show.

Make a Meal - While cooking together isn’t necessarily a game, it is a task that can involve every child, no matter her age. Strap on that newborn and work together to make a meal with lots of little parts (that doesn’t require much cooking). Tacos is an easy example as there are cans to open, items for older children to chop, and dishes for kids to fill.

Family Musical - Pull out your play instruments and work together on a song. Assign parts, so there’s someone singing, others with instruments, and a shaker for your littles. Take turns choosing songs and see how accurate (or not) your rendition can get.

Winter Family Activities On the Go

During the long winter months, it's nice to get outside and explore. Whether it’s a special trip or just heading outside, you can have fun with your older children with baby in tow.

For the days your family needs to get out of the house, consider these family-friendly activities:

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Treasure Hunt - Grab your coats, strap on baby, and head outside. Go on a walk and search for treasure: a bird, the perfect snowflake, or animal tracks. See if each family member can find something special.

Snow Creations - If you live in an area with lots of snow, let baby sit in a sled and watch while you build a snowman or snow fort with your older kids.

Take a Trip - Plan a trip to your local library, museum, or jump zone where everyone will be able to see and experience new things. Some days it’s just nice to experience new books and toys while letting out built-up energy.

Tips for Winter Activities with Baby

Keeping an infant happy while supervising older kids can be a bit tricky. Keep these tips in mind for taking baby on the go:

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● Bring a baby wrap. Strap baby on and you’ll be ready to keep up with your bigger kids.

● Consider a backpack for baby’s gear or, if you need extra space, a lightweight stroller is easy to maneuver even in crowded venues.

● Pack like a pro. Throw in an extra outfit or two for baby, along with a few diapers. Don’t overpack; instead consider a bag in the car in case you need more diapers, wipes, or clothing than usual.

Plan in breaks. While you’re feeding and changing baby, give your older children a chance to eat a snack and make a game plan for what else they’d like to do.

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winter activities for families
Managing an infant and older children can be tricky at first. Luckily, with a bit of practice you’ll become comfortable having fun together, whether at home or away.

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger resides in rural New York with her husband and five children. Formerly an early elementary teacher, Jess currently spends her time loving her kids and holding down the fort at home.

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