Why to Have a Baby Shower at 32 Weeks

6 reasons why 32 is the perfect number

Why to Have a Baby Shower at 32 Weeks

It’s been a few years since I was pregnant, but I remember well the growing sense of eagerness that seemed to match the pace of my expanding midsection. The bigger I grew, the closer I was to meeting my little one.

In addition to the amazing event of holding a precious bundle, the baby shower ranked pretty high as an anticipated occasion. I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being celebrated?

If you are looking forward to your own party, but unsure when to schedule it, let me help. Baby showers are most commonly held around 32 weeks. Why, you may ask, is that the preferred timing?

6 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Baby Shower for 32 Weeks.

1. Not too early, not too late 

You are into your third trimester and out of the proverbial “danger zone.” Additionally, at 32 weeks you are less likely to go into labor early and thereby miss your shower or make your guests uncomfortable at every twinge and grimace. And if we’re talking comfort here, you want to be comfortable too, and the bigger you get, the less comfortable you are. Let’s face it, you also still want to have enough energy to interact with people.

2. Name reveal

Since many couples typically find out the gender of their baby at 20 weeks (if they are going to find out at all) that gives you ample time to discuss gender specific baby names and even reveal it at the shower.

3. Plan and organize the nursery

Whether you learn the gender of your baby or not, a shower at 32 weeks gives you time to decide on nursery colors, theme and furniture. After your shower, you have time to set up your nursery, wash and put away new clothes, and find a place for all baby’s many necessities.

4. Assess hand-me-downs and complete a registry

My sister-in-law had saved boxes of clothes for me, in addition to a bouncy seat, swing, and many other helpful items. A shower at 32 weeks allows time to evaluate the gifts and hand-me-downs you have been given and register for the additional things you need.

5. Set a budget for future purchases

You may not receive everything on your registry. Once your shower is complete, you still have enough time set a budget for the things you did not get and then purchase them before the big day arrives.

6. Thank you notes

After the baby comes, believe me, the last thing you will feel like doing is writing thank you cards. You definitely want to do your best to get those out before the baby arrives.

As your anticipation builds for your blessed event, don’t let the uncertainty of scheduling a baby shower dampen your spirits. Plan a shower for the perfect not too early, not too late occasion (with enough time to complete last minute tasks) and enjoy getting pampered with gifts.

Not only will you enjoy the shower, but friends and family will be equally excited to celebrate the coming birth and be dazzled by your pregnancy glow. 

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Annie is a former kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom who loves God, her family, and her morning cup of coffee. She enjoys hiking in the mountains, traveling to see new places, and creating memories together with her husband and little girl.


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