Whimsical Decorations to Make Any Girl Baby Shower Special

Decorating for a girl's baby shower doesn’t have to stop at pink.

Baby showers are an important way to celebrate a mom-to-be and the beautiful miracle she will soon bring into this world.

However, planning a baby shower can be an overwhelming job, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. On top of that, choosing decorations for a girl baby shower is harder than you might think, especially if the mom-to-be is not a fan of all things pink.

I’ve tried to make the process a little bit easier for you by putting together some of the best decoration ideas I’ve found that can make any space feel beautiful and whimsical or fun and festive for both those who are fans of pink and those who, well, aren’t.

I’ve curated a Pinterest board for you so that you can find and compare ideas or simply be inspired. Plus, Babywise has some unique shower gifts that can serve as decoration as well.

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Baby Girl Shower Decorations

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Help mom celebrate the impending arrival of her little star by adding lots of sparkle to her baby shower. You can easily make almost anything feel on-theme with the addition of gold, silver or white stars.

Use metallic markers to make plain white cups shine, add star cutouts to a diaper cake, hang gold and silver star cutouts from the ceiling, or make a star tree by hanging gold stars with white ribbon from tree branches in a vase. By using gold or silver tablecloths, you can instantly make the room glow. And, to add to the decorations with food, you can make star cutout cookies and put star toppers on cupcakes.

2. Woodland

A woodland theme isn’t just for boys. There are plenty of ways to create both rustic and feminine decorations to make any room feel like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. You can use online printables of rabbits, fawns, owls and foxes to decorate everything from centerpieces to drink stations. Head out to your front yard or down the street to forage for rustic decorations – tree branches, pine cones, moss, and leaves can all add rustic elegance to your baby shower.

Finally, use food to bring your decorations all together by making birch branch chocolate covered pretzels or creating adorable owl, fox or rabbit cupcakes and cut out cookies. This adorable activity gym is a perfect addition to use in your decorating, and make an incredible baby shower gift.

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3. Vintage

Using vintage items to decorate for a baby shower is a way to bring a touch of classic whimsy to a baby shower. You can decorate with vintage vases purchased from a local thrift store, use Mason jars as flower vases, borrow vintage baby clothes and hang them on a clothesline, use lace doilies to dress up the food and gift tables, or print out black and white silhouettes and put them in distressed frames for a beautiful display of refined and rustic. (You may like this article I wrote about what to never buy second-hand for baby.)

4. Floral

Everything’s coming up roses…or peonies, or tulips, or hydrangeas. You can create beautiful baby shower decorations by simply visiting the flower aisle. Set vases of fresh flowers around the room, hang floral balls from the ceiling, print out the baby’s initials in a floral theme and frame it to add a personalized touch, hang large tissue paper flowers on the wall or from the ceiling, or add silk flowers to a diaper cake to use as a centerpiece. You can also order a tiered cake with edible flowers or add fresh flowers to a store-bought cake for an easy way to decorate with food.

5. Mermaid

Another on-trend theme for a baby shower is mermaids, and it’s easy to see why! You can easily create a shimmery underwater fantasy for your baby shower by using a mermaid color scheme of different shades of blue and purple, add seashells and starfish for a beachy vibe, hang blue and purple polka dot garlands vertically from the ceiling to give an underwater feel and create a balloon display on the wall with a fishing net and balloons. Food can also be used to add to the décor; decorate with mermaid tail cupcakes, starfish-shaped cookies, and “seaweed” snacks created from green candy strips.

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A baby shower is an unforgettable occasion for a new mom, so no matter what decorations or theme you choose, as long as the mom-to-be feels loved and cherished by her friends and family, it will be a beautiful time.

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