Do you have a special toddler in your life you would like to bless this holiday season?

These are gift ideas that work for both the parents and the toddler. But, if you want to be the "favorite uncle" and really wow a toddler this holiday season, then this blog is NOT for you. That's right, no "noise toys" here.

Instead, you'll find the best toddler gift ideas sure to make any little one happy this holiday season.

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Useful Toddler Gift Ideas

The Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scary is a classic for a reason. It is a book I myself grew-up reading. The book is simply a masterpiece that engages those bright eyes and young imaginations.

Any parent that sits down for even 5 focused minutes with their child and this book knows what I am talking about. It is my son's go-to book during his quiet time, and he and I have put many hours into looking at this book. It has been a gift that keeps on giving.  

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Colorful wooden blocks can be anything. They can be the garage to park garbage trucks,  tunnels for turtles to hide in, or a tower where the princess lives, and of course, they can be simply to knock over and rebuild ten times over! Time on the floor with a toddler and blocks is just a memory waiting to happen. The primary colors and different shapes are wonderful passive teaching tools as well.  

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It may not be overly rainy where the toddler you have in mind lives, however Fall and Winter are the seasons for rain boots! These are such a practical gift because they are easy for the youngster to try and put on their feet on their own (some of them come with those little built-in-handles for easy pulling.)

The parents of the toddler will also appreciate this gift as they are quick and easy for them to put on the youngster as well. It is a win on all accounts!

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For a day at Nana and Papa's, or time at day-care, or for a stint in the nursery at church it is nice to keep one's stuff in one's own pack. These Skip-Hop bags are suitable for little toddlers (and older) and all their wares.

They are a little pricey, but they last a long time and are great quality. Plus they are a nice way to teach responsibility to the youngster by having them keep track of their "pack-pack."   

I think every parent will agree that keeping one's toddler hydrated is important, but hard to do. Having a special water bottle that is spill proof is such a win! We have found that the kids Camelbaks have been a wonderful water bottle to have around. They are easy to clean, light enough for  little hands and arms to carry when fully filled and come in a myriad of fun colors.   

These are all products that were given to us and we have found such joy and pleasure in them.  

So whether you're searching for that perfect gift for your own child or for a special toddler in your life, I hope you'll consider one of the gift ideas above instead of the talking toy with batteries that quickly becomes every parent's holiday nightmare.

Just a simple request from one parent to another...

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