The ULTIMATE Back to Preschool Guide

Everything you need to ask, buy and prepare for before your little one's first day of school!

If you've been looking for the ultimate back to preschool guide, look no further because our Babywise experts have put together this list of everything you need from the best preschool gear to how to help prepare your kids academically and emotionally for preschool.

We even have tips for how to take those first day of preschool photos and celebrate the milestone with your child.

After all, preschool can be a bit ambiguous; for some that means sending your toddlers to an elevated version of daycare. For other children, preschool happens right before Kindergarten in the public school system.

Wherever your child falls in that spectrum, or if you're just trying to get a leg up for when your baby is ready to reach that milestone in a few years, we know this list will help you be a better prepared parent.

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The ULTIMATE Back to Preschool Guide

Preschool Gear

Going to preschool means your child will be without you and their normal daily essentials for several hours, so make sure to send them with everything they need, from backpacks to lunch gear and even crayons and colored pencils. Picking preschool gear that is their size will help your child feel secure as they prepare to spend the day away from you and feel more independent.

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First Day of Preschool Photo Tips

You only get one chance to capture your child's first day of preschool, so you need to make it count! Don't worry about hiring a professional photographer or buying an expensive camera, just focus on capturing your child's personality in a natural and familiar environment while adding accessories that will help you always remember that day. We're showing you how to do that simply and inexpensively.

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Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

Of course, before you tackle any of the above, you have to ask yourself the question, "Is my child ready for preschool?". We've asked educators to contribute their thoughts on what indicators to look for to make that decision and even have an article from one parent on why she made the decision not to send her child to preschool. Read:

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Preschool Preparedness

Once you determine preschool is the right choice for your child, you'll want to make sure they're as prepared as possible: emotionally, socially and, of course, academically. Our educators and experts have put together a series of articles that will help you do exactly that for your future preschooler! Read:

So there you have it, (just about) everything you need to think about before the first day of preschool. We know this is a big decision and we want to walk alongside you and give you as much information to help you make the best possible choice for your family.

Keep in mind, your decision may differ with each child, and that's OK. The important thing to remember is to consider every individual factor and match that up with your child's individual needs. When you take the time to do exactly that, you'll all move forward more confidently in your school choice!

Have you decided to send your child to preschool this year? We'd love to hear about your experience below!

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