The Ultimate Baby Clothing Storage Tip from Joanna Gaines

Our favorite home renovation expert shares one of her best ideas yet!

Speaking from personal experience, I have far too many plastic storage tubs with old baby clothes in my garage. Leave it to America's favorite mom, Joanna Gaines of the hit TV show "Fixer Upper", to come up with the ultimate baby clothing storage tip to not only help moms everywhere pare down what baby clothes they save, but also leave their children with a lasting memento.

I'm guilty of saving everything my children ever wore at any monumental event, from baptism to first holidays and even first steps. Then add in clothes given to them by people we love along with the clothes just too cute to give away and, well, we've been overrun by baby clothes (and our kids are now teenagers!).

It took our basement and garage flooding recently for me to realize something important: even if I saved all of these baby clothes, the chances of them staying in good shape long enough for my kids to appreciate them once they're older - much less use them with their own kids one day - was slim to none. Between moves, household disasters and simple aging, it's become more and more apparent that I couldn't continue to store the amount of baby clothing, blankets and trinkets I currently have.

That's where the brilliance and sentimentality of Joanna Gaines comes in.

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As she prepares to give birth to her fifth child, she found a sweet and practical way to store her favorite baby clothes from each of her first four children. 

In a recent Instagram Story, Joanna shared how she recently packed her "favorite baby clothes and shoes for each kid" into a plastic, zippered storage bag, along with a note for later ("in case they are sentimental like their mama"). 

I love the idea of making one special keepsake bag/box for each child, along with a letter explaining not only why we chose to save the clothes, but how the memories made while wearing them are even more special.

What are some of your best tips for storing your favorite baby clothes and preserving those special memories?

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