10 Pairs of Unique Names for Twin Girls

Here are 10 pairs of our favorite names for twin girls.

Congratulations, you're having twins! And, not only are you having twins, you're having twin girls. 

When the shock and excitement wear off after finding out that you're being blessed with not one but two bouncing bundles of joy, you'll find yourself frantically trying to find the ideal names.

Finding one perfect name is hard enough, but finding two perfect names can seem almost impossible. 

In order to help you with the task, we've compiled a list of 10 pairs of our favorite twin girl names.

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Rhyming Names

  1. Chloe, which means blossom, and Zoey, which means life.
  2. Kaylee, which means crown, and Haylee, which means hay's meadow.  
  3. Nora, which means honor, and Cora, which means maiden.

Names That Begin with the Same Letter

  1. Catherine, which means pure, and Celeste, which means heavenly.
  2. Emma, which means universal, and Elizabeth, which means God is my oath.
  3. Valerie, which means strong, and Vanessa, which means butterfly.
  4. Alexandra, which means defender of man, and Abigail, which means father's joy.

Biblical Names

  1. Rebecca, which means beautifully ensnaring, and Sarah, which means princess.
  2. Esther, which means secret, and Hannah, which means merciful.
  3. Rachel, which means sheep, and Ruth, which means content.

For more name ideas, check out this list of twin girl names at SheKnows. 

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