Top Tips from the Best Babywise Bloggers

Real life advice from Babywise moms who blog about their journeys.

An article in the New York Post recently reported a staggering statistic about the media according to eMarketer. It reads, “There are 4.2 million American mothers — many of whom detest the dismissive term “mommy blogger” — who blog about their family lives.” With all of the negative hype around media these days, and the astonishing number of choices in blogs, how can you tell which is worthy of your invaluable resource- time? Who can you trust to read?

Being new to mothering and trying to get your precious cargo (and yourselves) a decent night sleep is often times challenge enough. Navigating the world of the “mom blogs” can seem like its own daunting task. Which bloggers are authentic and real? Who has lived this new phase of parenting from a Babywise style?

I interviewed a few moms who have journeyed the Babywise path and now blog about it to help you take away some guess work.


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Top Tips from the Best Babywise Bloggers

Valerie Plowman founded Chronicles of a Babywise Mom in 2007, and has used the Babywise method with her four children since 2005. She shares from the heart, "(The) Babywise method has helped me to live up to my full potential as a mom. I have faced motherhood with confidence and it has helped us to have a home environment that we can all thrive in as a family."

Top 3 Tips from the Mother Behind Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Valerie’s top three tips:
1) Take some time for consistency. Once you have things established, you can be flexible with success.

2) Make sure your bedtime and morning wake-up time are consistent from day to day. On Becoming Babywise cautions to not underestimate the importance of these two steps, and I fully back that caution.

3) Focus on one skill at a time. If you are a first time parent, it can be overwhelming to apply all that Babywise has to offer. Independent playtime, blanket time, naps, sign can be a lot. Start with sleep and add from there once you feel comfortable managing sleep.

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Having a Thriving Family with a Babywise Lifestyle

Kimberly Cartwright, the mom on a mission to “help your home team thrive” over at her blog, Team Cartwright, offers this personal experience to inspire babywise moms:

“Being a Babywise mom has made life with my babies so much easier. My three kids all nap at the same time. Every day. They go down for bed and nap times happily. My twins are on the same schedule. (And yes, I was able to nurse my twins for 15 months thanks to planning out feedings!) I can meet everyone's needs and still sleep myself.

Babywise has given our family freedom to get out and do so much more. We know when the kids need to rest and eat, so we can accommodate that. My kids know that their needs are going to be met. I have found that getting proper nutrition and rest can help eliminate a lot of behavioral problems. Basically, I feel like my family has thrived.”

Here are Kimberly's top 3 Babywise tips:

3 Tips to Help Your Family Thrive with the Babywise Method

1) Start with the daily wake time. Even if you do nothing else, having a set time to kick off your day will help everything else fall in line. Every day won't be perfect, newborns like to throw us for loops sometimes, but you are much more likely to fall into a pattern and routine if you start at the same time every day.

2) Independent playtime is the greatest thing ever. It is a life skill to be able to entertain yourself and solve your own problems. You are doing your child a great service by introducing this concept. And, it is never too late to start! Even if it has fallen by the wayside a bit, it is worthwhile to bring IP back!

3) Scheduling isn't about forcing your baby to fit into a certain slot in your life. It is about prioritizing your kids' needs. I schedule feedings and naps because they are important. And if the schedule stops working, change it! You are in control.

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm with Babywise Method

Caitlin, the blogger and mom behind Rogers, Party of 5 describes her life before her one and a half year-old twins and offers a bit of lighthearted wisdom to new parents on her blog, “We felt busy and overwhelmed, because we were first time parents. But first time parents, let me tell you, you might end up having three under three for an entire year, and THAT is overwhelming, so enjoy just one now while you can!”

Caitlin’s journey began with her first son (now three and a half) and continued when she brought twins home from the NICU just two years later. Caitlin recalls, “The NICU schedule is very similar to babywise, with an eat-play-sleep schedule every three hours. (Although the play is usually just a diaper change because they go right back to sleep!) When we found out we were having twins, I panicked, just as everyone probably does. Yes it has been hard, stressful, and chaotic; however, because of Babywise, I can sleep at night and rest during nap time. Babywise has made my life with 3 under 3 manageable(ish!)”

Here are Caitlin's top 3 Babywise tips:

Babywise Tips from a Mom of Three Under Three

1. Big Picture! You have got to keep the big picture in mind because Babywise can be hard in the beginning. It can be tempting to let them nap endlessly during the day, or fall asleep during a feeding. Stick with it and remember that you are going to have a very happy, well rested baby (and parents!!)

2. Be consistent, but allow room for flexibility. Consistency is key. However, you have to allow yourself some flex room! If you end up holding your baby for a nap once in awhile, or skipping a nap to participate in an activity, it will NOT ruin all of your hard work.

3. Remain confident in your decision: sometimes family and friends won't understand Babywise. They don't see why your baby can't stay up late or why you're leaving an activity early for nap time. YOU are the parents, and you get to decide what works for your family. Just smile politely and tell them that it works for your family!

Be Inspired and Be Babywise

I hope these tips and advice inspire you on your Babywise journeys. Who knows, these top Babywise mom bloggers might just become your new online BFFs! 

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