Traveling with a baby is no small endeavor. The amount of stuff they require is epic.

Add to that the unknown of what could go wrong, how they will behave or what you might need, and travel can feel monumental.

So let me get your packing started by suggesting the must haves for your travel diaper bag:

Top 10 Things You’ll Find in My Travel Diaper Bag

1. Diaper Bag

This is a great diaper bag for traveling through the airport. It’s a backpack so you can be hands free and has plenty of pockets for easy access. Two handy storage cubes are included for things like bottles and extra clothes. 
    Shop for it here.
    2. Changing Pad

    The perfect companion to your travel diaper bag: a changing pad that holds diapers, wipes and cream in a practical clutch. It saves you from carting the entire diaper bag to the tiny airplane bathroom. 
    Shop for it here.
    3. Baby Carrier

    The Ergo Baby (or any baby carrier/wrap) is a life saver for carting baby through the airport or walking the airplane aisles to get her to sleep. 
    Shop for it here.
    4. Swaddles

    Aden and Anais make delightful light weight swaddle blankets for snuggling, covering while nursing or cleaning up messes. 
    Shop for it here.

    5. Teething toys

    Any favorite toy will do, but what is it about Sophie that’s so cute and lovable? 
    Shop for it here.
    6. Extra outfit

    You probably have your favorite outfits already, but my little girl lived in these one-piece sleep and play outfits for the first year of her life. They were just so easy to get in and out of for frequent diaper changes. The zipper is preferable over the snaps when you have a busy little one that won’t stay still very long.
    Shop for it here.


    7. Bibs/burp cloths

    Could these scarf bibs be any cuter? Between the spitting up and the teething drool, extra bibs and burp cloths are a must! 

    Shop for it here.

    8. Water proof storage bags (in varying sizes)

    When packing your diaper bag full of travel essentials, it’s useful to have it organized for quick access. These bags are cute and functional! They are perfect when an outfit, burp cloth, or bib is soaked through. 

    Shop for it here.
    9. Sanitizing & baby wipes

    This perhaps is obvious, but so easy to forget to throw into your diaper bag. Sanitizing wipes are helpful for wiping down changing tables, airplane trays, and arm rests.
    Shop for it here.
    10. Baby food pouches

    Baby food pouches are the way to travel with food; convenient disposable containers and no dishes to store!
    Shop for it here.


    When planning for travel, be prepared with the essentials and enjoy the adventure of being a jet set family!

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