My Top 10 Must-Have's for Mom and Newborn

The top ten items we used daily after we brought baby home from the hospital.


Over the years I have come to see that, while having the luxurious mahogany changing table or the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag are nice, most moms agree there are only a few items that one needs to help make the transition into motherhood a little less chaotic.

I have compiled a list of items we used every single day for the first 6 months of our babies lives (with the exception of the pacifiers.)

Four of these items will aid in helping your baby achieve sleeping through the night. I have starred those items for you.

Now—since they won't let you leave the birthing center or hospital without a car seat, that won't be on our list (This is a great article on how to chose the perfect car seat for you). Neither will a crib or sleeper

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Also, since they go hand-in-hand (literally,) I won't be adding diapers or wipes to this list. However, I will mention that having newborn and size-one diapers will be helpful as they grow out of that newborn size rather quickly.  

10 Must-Have's for Mom and Newborn

  1. Large Burp Cloths

Seriously, don't get the small-tiny-will-barely-fit-over-your-shoulder-only-made-to-look-cute burp cloths. They won't do the job if your baby spits up all over your front or back. I used the Carter's cotton swaddle/receiving blankets. Every time I picked up my baby, that cloth was over my shoulder covering my back and most of my chest. I never had to change my top because of baby spit up. 

  1. Pre-swaddle swaddles (will help baby sleep longer)

These will save you time and energy in the middle of the night when you are putting your baby back down. You can just wrap them up and they are good to go! The tighter the better.

  1. White noise app on your phone or a white noise maker (will help baby sleep longer)

You can read more about the secret to shushing your baby here. And if you don't want a phone near your baby's head, then I would suggest some kind of white noise maker that can be pretty loud.

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  1. Swing (will help baby sleep longer)

Pick one out that works for your living situation and home. But oh my goodness, get a swing. I loved holding my baby, but I could only rock and swing him for so long. Be sure to get one that can plug into the wall and is not solely battery powered.

  1. Pacifier (will help baby sleep longer)

We only used pacifiers for the first three months and then weaned them off of them, but they were so helpful. Have a few of the same type in the rooms that baby sleeps in or naps, that way you don't have to spend 15 minutes looking for the thing when you need it most.

  1. Butt paste or A+D ointment

Those little bottoms are so tender and sensitive and until they are potty-trained they need pampering. You'll quickly figure out which diaper cream works best for your newborn.

  1. Onesies/footie pajamas with zipper

Bar none, I have yet to find a mom (or dad for that matter) who didn't say that zipper-onesies were their favorite practical garment because they were easy to get on and off.

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  1. Boppy pillow

Helpful for both breast AND bottle feeding your baby. It is the support a momma needs without rummaging for pillows.

  1. Bottles

We introduced our babies to bottles very early so that anyone could feed them. One of our best investments was the Dr. Browns natural flow bottles.

  1. Self-care pampering kit for MOM!

It hurts pushing out a baby, and it hurts for weeks. Invest in comfortable cotton underwear to last you a week, witch hazel pads or Tucks, and pads along with panty liners. When I change my baby's diaper, I found that I needed to change my "diaper" too. Take care of yourself, momma.

Bonus! If you end up with these items they are helpful, but you don't absolutely need them with your first baby. 

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  1. Baby Bjorn carrier
  2. Stroller with a car seat adapter
  3. Bouncer
  4. Baby bath
  5. Breast pump


Let's help the new moms out: what are your new mom must haves?

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena Vogelgesang

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