The Truth About Your Post-Baby Body {According to Celebrities}

Hollywood moms are getting real about their post-baby bodies...with pictures to prove it.

Every mom knows the minute you give birth, your body snaps back to its pre-baby size and weight, right?


In fact, I don't know of a mom on the planet who hasn't lamented about how long it takes to get back their pre-baby body (Does it ever really go back?).

Thankfully, you and I aren't the only ones who feel this way.

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Several new moms (who also happen to be celebrities) are getting candid and sharing the truth about their post-baby bodies via Instagram.

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Peta Murgatroyd and fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy recently welcomed son Shai. On day 17 postpartum, Peta shared this selfie, uncovering the literal and emotional truth about getting back in 'shape' post-baby:

Love thy self ❤ #Day17 postpartum. I think I'm doing ok....and I'm actually fine with the rate at which my body is shrinking back. After 2 days back at the gym I'm feeling like the old Peta again. I definitely don't have my 6 pack, and I still have excess skin and rolls on my belly, however I feel good. After all, slow and steady wins the race! I knew I needed to get back into the gym for my own sanity, but I also remind myself (as does Maks 😉) that I still need to take it easy. I cannot jump yet and still can't run a mile, but the exercises I've planned out are a good start. Honestly, the hardest part for me is getting my core strength back. Day 1 I couldn't do a sit up, here's day 17 and I'm doing 70+ 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Ladies, we all have to start somewhere...being an athlete I pride myself on having a lean, strong physique, so believe me this has been a challenge to work through, but as long as you have a loving support network around you, you will be fine ❤ #theresnothinglikehardwork

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Murgatroyd opened up about the challenges of being patient yet staying motivated as she eases back into her routine.

Another fitness star who isn't afraid to be candid about the reality of her post-baby body is fitness star Alexa Jean Brown. According to, the brave mama is refreshingly candid about what her body looks like after giving birth for the second time, saying she has more stretch marks and belly rolls. "And that's perfectly NORMAL and OKAY." 

This is me 4 weeks post birth. As much as its my job to motivate you I also believe it's my job to be relatable and honest. Our society has put this idea in our heads that women have to bounce right back after having a baby, but that's typically just not realistic. This is not the truth for most of us. I have more stretch marks and belly rolls and that's perfectly NORMAL and OKAY. I remember being part way through this pregnancy seeing this woman online 1-day post partum with a flat tummy and abs thinking to myself, "wowie, I hope I can pull that off". I instantly felt the pressure to measure up. Then fast forward to my 1-day post partum body and it was more of the squishy, droopy flub that I remember after my first baby. As bummed as I was that I didn't just bounce right back to my pre-baby body, I can't help but feel so amazed that this body created two beautiful babies. If you're finding yourself obsessing about, feeling ashamed of or apologizing for the appearance of your body, even if you haven't just had a child, STOP. Our bodies are incredible and amazing and we need to love every inch of it. Lots of love to all of the other amazing mommies out there! 💜

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In her original post on Instagram, Brown admits,

As bummed as I was that I didn't just bounce right back to my pre-baby body, I can't help but feel so amazed that this body created two beautiful babies.

And isn't that what it's all about?

Very little about parenting ends up as we expected, yet for some reason we feel like we have to have it all figured out. And we (falsely) believe that even though we can't figure it all out, surely the beautiful people of Instagram must have it all together.

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These Instagram selfies may not be much, but to a new mom struggling in silence, they're everything. 

Let's applaud these women who are breaking out of the Hollywood mold and using their platform to give voice to the struggles, stereotypes and misconceptions we all face.

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