Bedtime can be a battle, but there is one key many parents overlook when trying to get their kids to go to sleep each night: shutting down.

It seems as if our kids run on batteries that never run out. No, they don’t have a power button (we’ve checked), but the concept of “shutting down” kids before bedtime may not be that far-fetched according to recent reports.

Just look at the new children’s book, “Buddy’s Bedtime Battery”, specifically designed to help parents drain their kids’ energy and get them excited about going to sleep. The author, Christina Geist, says she used a technique called progressive muscle relaxation to help her write the book.

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If you’ve never heard of progressive muscle relaxation, take a look at this video that works equally well for adults and kids:


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Psych Central confirms "there’s no button to push to deactivate our thoughts", but in their article "12 Ways to Shut Off Your Brain Before Bedtime”, they offer helpful tips on how to quiet your mind and sleep well at night, including two we agree with whole-heartedly here at

  1. Have a Regular Sleep Schedule.
  2. Create a Pre-Sleep Routine.

Dr Lawrence Epstein, co-author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep, affirms “our body craves routine and likes to know what’s coming.” We couldn’t agree more. 

But let’s face it, you can’t tell a baby that. However, you can start practicing a sleep routine from the time you bring your baby home. Such routines are well documented in the best-selling book, On Becoming Babywise, which is a great resource for any parent looking for help in getting their baby to sleep.

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So whether it’s you or your kids that need help shutting down before bedtime, consider creating a pre-sleep routine and establishing a consistent bedtime - for both you and your child. Remember, the end result may focus on the body, but the success of shutting down begins in the mind.

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