Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

A collection of inspiring ideas (even for craft-challenged moms) 

Looking for some creative Thanksgiving crafts to do with your toddler this week?

Slogging through Pinterest to find the perfect activity?

I’ve collected a few inspiring ideas that even the most craft-challenged mom can handle. I’m not a super artsy mom myself, but I love seeing the joy it brings to my little girl.

So follow the directions to the letter (it’s okay to be unapologetic about your lack of ability) or add your own personal flair and enjoy a holiday project with your little ones!

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You should have most of the materials at home and if not, a few cheap items from the craft store will get you started.

Thankful Tree



Make a festive decoration for your Thanksgiving table while generating meaningful conversations about gratitude!

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- Take a walk and collect sticks
- Cut out leaf shapes from construction paper or felt
- Hang the leaves on your Thankful Tree

Thankful Turkey

(via The Resourceful Mama)


Every kid loves wiggle eyes and feathers!

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- Practice cutting and gluing
- Discuss the things for which you are thankful
- Display proudly on your refrigerator!

Fall Leaf Painting

(via Minnie Mama)

Bundle up and go outside for some fresh air and a nature walk!

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- Collect various types of leaves
- Tape leaves on construction paper
- Give your child a paint brush and see what they create!

Autumn Handprint Tree

(via )


Get creative with texture and color!

- Trace your child’s hand and arm
- Paint it with brown paint
- Use q-tips, crunched up tinfoil, bubble wrap or anything else you can find around the house to use as a paint brush to paint textured “leaves”

Leaf Wreath 


This one might be the easiest of all, particularly for the tiniest crafters!

You just need:

- Glue
- Scissors
- A paper plate
- Colorful leaves from your backyard!

One of the many things I’m thankful for this time of year is creative moments with my little one and a chance to make new memories.

Your kids will remember these precious times together and especially take pleasure in making a bit of a mess.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy crafting!

Annie Wiesman

Annie Wiesman

Annie Wiesman is the co-author of “Education Begins at Birth: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers for Kindergarten.” She is a former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom who enjoys traveling, hiking in the mountains, and creating memories together with her husband and little girl.

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