Ten Compelling Reasons You Need a Babymoon

Not convinced you need a babymoon? Check out this list of ten compelling reasons, full of expert advice and opinions. 

Have you considered a babymoon? Not only have I compiled ten compelling reasons for taking a babymoon before baby is born, I'll explain exactly what it is for those of you still in the dark on this relatively new term.

Traveling on a “babymoon” as a couple before baby is in the mix can be the perfect way to solidify commitment to your marriage.

With a task list a mile long before your first baby arrives, traveling may not be top your list of “must-do’s.”  However, for your future marriage and family, consider making traveling on a babymoon of utmost importance in your second trimester of pregnancy.

Babymoon: More than Just a Vacation

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We used our time away to reconnect as a couple, discuss dreams for our family and children, craft plans and even make decisions about parenting styles. The unique name for our first born son was “conceived” while on a mini-babymoon. (He was conceived while on a trip, too, but that’s another story!) We even talked about our educational ideas and together, chose to homeschool our future children while away on a trip while I was pregnant. A babymoon is priceless time.

Travel and Family Experts Speak out About Babymoons

Family travel expert and contributor for Forbes, Laura Begley Bloom, reminds us,

There are so many amazing places to go, and I think taking a babymoon is an important ritual for parents-to-be. Your life is about to change - big time - so this is a great opportunity to have some bonding and alone time before the baby comes along. When you're up at 4am trying to feed and calm down a crying baby, you can pull out the photos from that last blissful trip and channel the relaxation you felt.”

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Kate, from Wild Tales Of said,

“We love babymoons so much that I guess we can say that we took two! Babymoons allow first time parents to get away from the busyness of life and physical preparation. Parents have the chance to bond before their lives are forever changed.”

In today’s overly busy culture, setting aside dedicated time for a babymoon is even more paramount. Karilyn from No Back Home said,

Taking a babymoon before the arrival of your first child is a wonderful opportunity to pause time to just enjoy being together as a couple before it all changes.”

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Budget for Babymoon

While taking a babymoon may not be in your budget, use some creative ideas like selling something(s,) cutting back on unnecessary expenses, and even crowd funding to help your dream babymoon come true. You could consider adding a babymoon to your gift registry with an online source like Plumfund.

Still not convinced you need a babymoon? Check out this list:

Ten Compelling Reasons You Need a Babymoon

  1. Relax. Ok, this may be the obvious reason, but so often we just need that extra push and to put our sabbatical time in the calendar. Nicole and her husband from Traveling Canucks opted for Santa Monica because, “there was lots of do but also allowed for plenty of relaxation.”
  2. Birth Plans. Set time aside on your babymoon, over dinner or a lounge at the pool, to get on the same page about your birth plan, and how you’ll handle things if the plan doesn’t go your way.
  3. Baby Plans. Use a bit of babymoon time in a coffee shop, cafe, or just by the pool on some practical things. How about planning your shower, making a list of items you agree on for your registry, what’s your birth announcement and gender reveal going to look like, and what color you’re going to paint the nursery. You  might even decide keeping up with the trends of parties and reveals isn’t important to you as a couple, and to just keep it more simple.
  4. Discuss Dreams for Your Family. Take a journal and pray, dream and write together ideas and hopes for your future. Speak promises over each other and solidify your commitment to each other. No matter how hard it gets when baby arrives, promise each other right here, away from it all, to always work through challenges and differences.
  5. Budgets. I know, this is a tricky subject, especially while you’re away on a babymoon, right? My husband and I always find at least an hour while we are away a few days to tweak and agree on our family budgets and find it’s a huge blessing! With baby coming, it’s especially important. You can talk about how to prioritize spending, what to buy new, what you can look for second-hand to save some money, and about budgeting in your dreams, both financially and time-wise. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” ~Matthew 6:21
  6. Become Babywise. Use your babymoon to discuss things like baby’s sleep training, feeding and diaper routines. Who will do what and how often? Be “proactive” as a couple and when baby arrives, you’ll be more prepared and not “reactive.” You can even use your babymoon time to read through the Babywise book and highlight spots that resonate for later reference.
  7. Communicate. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t well trained on the art of communication with our spouse. Romantic dinners or even room service times can be opportunities to get in the habit of looking at each other while speaking and really listening. Atlanta-based family blogger, Kendra Pierson, says, “(a babymoon) gave us a last chance to connect and talk before life as we knew it changed. I'd recommend that new parents really make plans for how to communicate and check in with each other after baby.
  8. Count Your Blessings. Take a stroll down memory lane together. This can be a fun time to craft an “oh, the places we’ve been” journal with travels, challenges, moves, dates, memories and ways you’ve overcome together. Craft a family mission statement and make sure you’re aligned on your values. Write down prayers of gratitude. This will be a precious tool for you in your marriage and family.
  9. Traveling will Never Be the Same. There are many unknowns when your baby is about to arrive, but one thing is for sure: you’ll be expanding your family. Whether you travel together as a team once baby arrives or choose to make plans for childcare, traveling as just a couple will never be the same. Jurga, from Full Suitcase, reminisces, “We took several trips when I was pregnant with our first baby. We knew that traveling would never be the same afterwards and so we tried to make the most of the time we had. My suggestions for a babymoon would be to travel in the second trimester, as the chances of any complications are pretty small. On top of that, you usually feel great at that time and are still fit enough to really enjoy the trip. We visited Bali, Switzerland, and France.
  10. Adoptive Parents Should Take a Babymoon, Too! Christa, from Travel Fearlessly, says this, We adopted our daughter and took multiple babymoons while we waited for a match. We explored the Amazon jungle in Peru, spent a weekend in Boston and took a windjammer cruise out of Maine. It helped keep our minds off the long adoption wait!

Traveling while pregnant has its own set of challenges, but that shouldn’t deter you from creating amazing memories with your spouse on a dream babymoon.

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I pray our list of reasons has compelled you to travel while you are pregnant. When you get back, come by and share your adventures with us below. Vaya con Dios!

Jen Reyneri

Jen Reyneri

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