States with School Sales Tax Holiday

How much could you save this school year?

It's hard to believe back to school season is already in session, and yet here we are talking about school sales tax holidays.

If you're not familiar with this trend, certain states will suspend sales tax during a short window of time on specific items children need for the new school year (such as clothing, electronics and school supplies).

Is it worth traveling to one of these state to take advantage of the sales tax holiday if your state isn't offering one? We'll leave that decision up to you - but when you consider that things like computers and laptops also can be tax-exempt, the deal looks a lot sweeter!

Alabama, July 20-22

Clothing up to $100, computers up to $750, school supplies up to $50 and books up to $30.

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Arkansas, August 4-5

Clothing up to $100 and some school supplies.

Connecticut, August 19-25

Clothing and footwear valued up to $100.

Florida, August 3-5

Clothing up to $60 and $15 in school supplies.

Iowa, August 3-4

Clothing up to $100.

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Maryland, August 12-18

Clothing and footwear up to $100.

Missouri, August 3-5

Clothing up to $100, $50 in school supplies and computers up to $1,500.

New Mexico, August 3-5

Clothing up to $100, $30 in school supplies, computers up to $1,000 and computer equipment valued up to $500.

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