SAHMs Should Make Over $100,000 a Year

Stay-at-home moms' work is worth a lot more money than you might think.

Contrary to what some believe, being a stay-at-home mom is hard work – really hard work. But, unfortunately, it's unpaid hard work. Yes, you are paid in what really matters, such as hugs, kisses and precious time with your children, but there's certainly no paycheck coming in every week to help pay for the groceries or the electric bill.

But, have you ever wondered how much you would make if all those hours of work actually resulted in a paycheck?

Well, has come up with an answer for you. After compiling the data for 2018, the website concluded that stay-at-home moms should earn just over $162,000 a year. The salary accounted for 40 regular hours of work each week and 56 hours of overtime.

The salary was determined after polling more than 15,000 moms about the daily tasks they perform for their family, including chef, van driver, housekeeper, unofficial psychologist, and everything in between. 

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So, how does the average stay-at-home mom spend her 96 hours of working time? According to, the average stay-at-home mom spends 14.6 hours as a housekeeper, 14.5 hours as a cook (or executive chef), 14.3 hours as a daycare teacher, 10.9 hours as a facilities manager, 8.6 hours as a computer operator, 8.3 hours as a psychologist, 7.8 hours as a van driver, 6.5 hours as a laundry machine operator, and 3.2 hours as the chief executive officer. also gives a calculator to personalize the amount of time you spend each week and adds in the ability to enter in your time as a nurse, accountant, bookkeeper, nutritionist or groundskeeper, just to name a few. The calculator also gives working moms an option to enter in their home working hours, with the average working mom revealing that she works 59 hours in addition to her “day job.”

Regardless of what a stay-at-home or working moms "job" is worth in dollars, its value is priceless in the eyes of her family. 

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