Quick Tips for Shredding Holiday Weight

Having a few good pointers is the key to charting our course to baby-weight-loss success.

Are you one of the millions who put on some extra pounds over the past few weeks? Then we have your solution to shredding that holiday weight!

Many people are looking to shred fat quickly. Add to it any October-January baby due dates (my baby was born in December) and new moms are faced with a double whammy: Baby-Weight + Holiday-Weight = Unwanted Extra Weight.

My friend runs a gym and is a trainer in Seattle. He wrote this blog because he sees many people do the quick crash-and-burn-out diet and exercise regimes with the coming new year.

My favorite pointer is starting with heavy weights instead of trying to up the cardio to shred that sneaky holiday weight. Sometimes it is so counter-intuitive for us to start slow when we want to see results yesterday. But by taking time to build your muscles, you will see the results that last; this is what we are going for.

I also appreciate his point on consistency. The beginning of a new year is a time to prioritize your schedule. I invite you to take an afternoon when your baby is napping, look at your calendar, and mark three to five times a week that you can commit to working out. Whether it is at home or in the gym, make an appointment with yourself and keep it.

Go into this new year knowing that your fitness goal will take time. Give yourself permission to start over as many times as it takes, but remain consistent. Here's to a healthier you in 2017!

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena likes to define herself by the Seven C’s: Christ, Chris, Children, Comrades, Coffee, Cheese, & Cardio. Due to her love of coffee and cheese, she must also have a relationship with increasing her heart rate. The Lord has given her a wonderful husband in Chris and they have two young boys.

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