Why Princess Kate Missed Her Son's FIRST Day of School

Why Princess Kate Missed Her Son's FIRST Day of School

One mom was noticeably absent from her child's FIRST, first day of school this week: Princess Kate.

That's right, William & Kate's first-born, little Prince George, started school this week, but without mom by his side.


In case you missed it, the royal couple just announced they are expecting baby number 3!

And if Kate's past pregnancies are any indicator, this pregnancy is going to be a rough one.

In fact, "extreme morning sickness" was the official reason the palace gave as to why this famous mom was not as her son's side as he walked into school for the first time.

But that didn't stop the men of the family from posing for First Day of School photos!

The Duchess has never been shy about sharing the truths of her motherhood, which is one reason we love her that much more. After all, pregnancy is hard enough, let alone living it out in the public eye like Kate has to.

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