Potty Training Tips When Traveling

Taking a few preventative measures can help your child stay dry and clean while you travel.

Nothing causes social anxiety like a mom taking her recently potty-trained child out for a quick trip to the grocery store.

Will they be able to hold it?
Will they need to go number two?
Will they be able to use the public restroom?
Will it be clean?

Whether traveling for several hours or a quick jaunt into town for milk and bread, these potty training tips may help keep your child stay clean and dry while out and about with you.

Practical Potty Training Tips While Traveling

Before I continue on with some practical ways to make traveling accident free, I must first point you to the most amazing book I have EVER read on potty training: Pottywise. It was so effective that my 2 ½ year old son was potty-trained in ONE DAY using the methods in this book!

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Following the simple steps in that book enabled our young family to take day trips, overnight trips, and even a four hour drive with our latest underwear-wearer staying dry and clean. I highly encourage you to read it.

First Thing's First

Before shopping, ordering your food at a restaurant, or playing at a rest stop or park, have your little one go potty. This takes the guess work out of wondering how much time you have until their bladder is full.

Also, if you if you are ten minutes away from your next stop, let your child know that once you arrive they will be expected to go potty before anything else happens. This helps them with expectations and nips disappointment before it turns ugly.

Portable Potty Seat

30 minutes after you have left the rest stop where toilets were in abundance, those four little words come to you from across the car seat: "I gotta go potty."

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Fortunately we live in the twenty-first century where this potty chair is as convenient as it is practical.  Have a few trial-runs with the potty chair at home so they are used to it and feel comfortable to use it in the car while you are out.

Having a portable potty seat with you gives you peace of mind when traveling because you will always have a place for your little one to go. You may even find it more convenient than using a public restroom.

Keep Clean

You might find it helpful to line their car seat with this liner during their potty training, at least until you are confident that they will remain dry and clean while in the car.

Don't forget to take hand sanitizer with you; not every public restroom has full amenities for proper hand washing.

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Always pack a change of clothes with fresh underwear. Even after kids are potty trained, growth spurts can cause a lack of control on those bladders.

Practice Positive Affirmation

Have potty treats in the car with you so that you are prepared. My son needed to see the prize he was holding “it” for. Even little lollipops can be quite the motivator.

Don’t forget to praise explicitly when they do go in a public restroom. As they get more comfortable with adapting to different commodes, the anxiety will lessen. Soon you will be leaving worry behind, along with the pull-ups and potty treats.

And finally, keep in mind that this too will pass. Set expectations early and often so your little ones know that you have a common goal.

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What potty training tips have you found successful while traveling?

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena Vogelgesang

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