How to Parent Like a Librarian

Viewing yourself this way can foster incredible growth in your children.

Though being your child's first teacher can conjure unpleasant and strict images, an alternative option is to view yourself as a librarian. John Holt, the author of the classic text How Children Learn, said: "Keeping their curiosity 'well supplied'... means putting within their reach the widest possible variety and quantity of good food" (Offspring). 

Librarians can provide insights on books and assist readers in their joureny. Similarly parents can provide many learning resources for their children - more than just books. 

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Encourage them to seek and pursue their interests. Allow them to research their own questions, which may mean stepping back and not giving them every answer.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps is a writer, editor, and dancer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys working with other people to improve their writing, taking long road trips, experimenting with choreography, and reading many novels.

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