Why Open Adoption Can Be a Blessing

It's hard to hold back the tears when watching this video.

The world is tearing up over a ten minute video one birth mom released about her love for her newborn son she's about to hand over to his new family within the hour.

Hannah Mongie gave birth to her son, Tagg, in March 2016 and subsequently posted this video on January 2, 2017 with the following explanation:

"I hope anyone who watches this will be able to gain a new perspective on what the birth mom goes through when she places her child for adoption. It is the FARTHEST thing from a heartless act. It shows she definition of love. To love someone this much is to give away your happiness for them."

For exactly nine minutes and thirty six seconds, Hannah not only pours her heart out to her son, but tells the whole story of how her and the baby's father met. Because of the tragic loss of her boyfriend, Hannah felt called to allow her son to grow up in a family with both a mother and a father.

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Over the past months, Hannah has become best friends with Tagg's new mom and looks forward to continuing to be a part of her son's life.

It's rare these days to see an adoption out of 'calling' and faith, rather than necessity or fear, yet Hannah's story is a beautiful example of why an open adoption can be a blessing.

Sami Cone

Sami Cone

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