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On Becoming Babywise has over 1600+ Five Star reviews on Amazon alone. Here are a few published at Target.com

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I give this book at every baby shower!
I have used this book with 2 of my 4 children, I wish I knew about it with the first 2 !! The methods in this book are simple but contrary to what most moms assume. Life with a newborn doesn’t mean have to walk around drop dead tired, I know I did with the first two. A friend who is a mother of 6 told me about this book and it worked! The simple concept of changing the sleep/wake/eat cycle is effective. Why would anyone not want their baby to be sleeping happily fo … see more at Target.com

Must read for first time pregnant moms!
This book has literally helped me become very confident in my decision making. You can’t take it as the law but what it teaches about full feeding routines and schedules while being flexible makes perfect sense and has worked great in our household. At 2 weeks old my baby was sleeping 5 hour stretches at night, 7 hours by 7 weeks, and 9-12 hours by 10 weeks. That’s not to say there won’t be set backs as growth spurts come up especially as you approach 4 months. I have been strictly … see more
     Angie from Kenosha

Wise Advice & It Works
Used this for my 2 boys, first son born 4 weeks early. I was floundering until I got this. Started reading after the birth of first. Wonderful guidelines that WORK. As a mom, one of the first things you do it help guide your infant into feeding, waking, sleeping patterns that impact them for life. My sons are now 10 and 7 … they NEVER had or have sleep issues. This was not always easy. This took persistence. Must be slightly flexible for this to work great. Don’t be too rigid…  (more online)
     Darcy from Milton


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I’m 3 for 3 for getting my babies to sleep through the night with the guidelines in this book. The trick is to focus on their routine during the day – enough food, and not too much sleep when they nap..."
     Rachel from Rapid City

Great for new Moms!
This book does a great job at helping new as well as experienced mothers create a sleeping and eating routine. It has been helpful in helping me understand the importance of a routine and how a routine can help my child in his future.
     Excited New Mom

Well Worth the read!
We have been using this book for our newborn and have seen great improvements day by day, sure there are some iffy or touchy subjects but take some of the advice put in to play in your household and things will be great!
     Makesha B.

Worked for us!
This is a great book. I love how it focuses on baby as a part of the family unit, and not the center of the universe! It’s full of great information about baby’s feeding and sleep needs and how babies thrive on a flexible schedule. […] I don’t have one bad thing to say about this book. It’s definitely worth a read.


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