No Baby Changing Table in Men's Public Restroom Causes Social Outcry

Why this issue goes beyond gender equality...

In 2018, it seems almost absurd that we would still be dealing with gender stereotypes, yet that's exactly what Chris Mau discovered (yet again) when he went to change his baby daughter in a public restroom.

Upon discovering there were no baby changing tables in the men's public restroom of a fast food restaurant after taking his daughter on a walk, he was forced to change her on the disgusting bathroom floor.

Heck, we wouldn't want to change our babies on our own bathroom floor, let alone the floor of a public restroom; even if we forget about the filth factor for a minute, let's consider the comfort and safety of the baby!

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There are so many reasons why changing tables should be placed in both men's and women's bathrooms, regardless of whether there are single dads or not.

It shouldn't take situations like Chris' to get companies and restaurants to do the right thing and yet that is usually what ends up happening.

If you hear of an establishment that doesn't have baby changing tables in both restrooms, please consider writing, tweeting or calling them to start the change where you are.

Sami Cone

Sami Cone

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