New at Disney in 2019

Aside from adding new attractions, Disney is also changing ticket prices.

Disney is introducing many different features to its parks this year. This includes new attractions, such as the new Star Wars world, and new events. But they are also changing how they price tickets.

Disney's ticket prices will adjust depending on which day of the year they will be used. "Ticket prices will be preset based on park demand," according to People. Different days during the year will be priced differently, which means that guests can only use their tickets in a certain window of time for which they've purchased them. 

Disney also plans to offer a feature on their website that gives vacation-planners tips for which days are priced cheaply. This online calendar will show guests the dates that cost the least (People).

Disney is also bringing new attractions and events to its parks in 2019. Mickey: The True Original Exhibition, about Walt Disney's famous mouse, is only open through February 10. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will feature two epic new attractions, one of them somewhat similar to Mission: Space.

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Epcot will begin a new night show, featuring Disney music from around the world (Parents). They also host the International Festival of the Arts from January 18 through February 25. Epcot's France pavilion will feature new Ratatouille and Beauty and the Beast additions.

Click here to learn more about Disney's changing ticket policy.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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