Mother Donates Son's Organs After He Drowned in Daycare's Pool

The toddler and his twin sister both drowned in their babysitter's pool.

A mother is trying to bring some good out of a horrific tragedy by donating her son's organs after her twins, a son and a daughter, both drowned in their daycare's pool. 

Elijah and Elyssa Orejuela, who were just weeks away from turning 2 years old, were found in the deep end of a pool in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Friday, July 20. Elyssa died later that day, but Elijah was kept on life support for several more days until he eventually died too.

The twins mother, Amelia Wieand, said in a Facebook post that she's “not sure how to live with this pain” but that she hopes to prevent another family from suffering "immeasurable pain." 

"Today, Elijah became a superhero," she added.

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Elijah's organs were able to help save the lives of at least four people, two children and two adults. "He’s saved - if not three - maybe four people’s lives. It’s more than most of us will ever do in our lives," Amelia told WVLT-TV.

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