Mom Posts Beautiful Homage to Boy Moms

She captured the perfect essence of being a boy's mom.


If you're a mom of boys, you know it's no easy task to raise sons. From the painful potty training to the constant running and roughhousing, being a boy mom is challenging.

But, there's also something extraordinarily special about the relationship between a mom and her son(s).

From the extra cuddles to the loving stares, my boys always made me feel special. However, they never failed to give me heart attacks with their crazy antics and daredevil stunts. 

Blogger Nikki Pennington, at Her View From Home, understands the special bond between a mom and her boys and wrote a heartwarming homage to boy moms titled "So God Made a Boy Mom."

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She shares her thoughts on being a boy mom, and it couldn't be truer. She writes:

"He knew you would need to be able to run wild and free and to have someone there who could handle your fearless nature even if she was a little bit scared. Someone who would be willing to pull over on the side of the road just to look at tractors and diggers and cement mixers. 

"So God made a boy mom.

"He knew you needed someone who would spend her time trying to find the balance between teaching you how to be strong and brave but also reminding you that you can be sensitive and kind, too.

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"So God made a boy mom."

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