A Mom Has Family Go Screen Free For a Month

She was amazed by the results of not using TV or phones.

In November, a few moms participated in a challenge that they called "No Screen November." For an entire month, these mothers took screen time completely away from their children. 

One mom, Molly, spoke about her experience with the challenge in an interview. She had encountered some articles that stressed limiting screen time for children. She decided to do the one-month screen ban and convinced some friends to participate as well.

Before the challenge, when she didn't know how to occupy her toddler son, Molly would let him watch TV. But she explained that it negatively affected his mood; he would misbehave on days when he spent hours on a screen (For Every Mom). When she took away the screens, she realized that she didn't need to just set him in front of the TV for entertainment.

"During our challenge, he joined me in the kitchen for cooking and doing dishes. He helped me clean the house and do laundry," Molly recounted. Her son found creative and simple things to play with during the screen-free challenge.

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Now, Molly says, he tells her that they've watched enough TV after twenty minutes of a movie. "It has been such a wakeup call!" she said. Click here for the full interview.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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