Mindy Kaling Is Done Feeling Guilty About Not Being The "Perfect Mom"

She aims instead to be a conscious parent.

Expectations are high for new mothers: posting cute pictures on Instagram, looking appropriately nice (without overloading on the makeup), and choosing organic baby food, according to Glamour. And actress Mindy Kaling has noticed the pressure resting on moms ever since she had her daughter Katherine in 2017.

As a working mom, she explains, she can't attend an 11:00 Mommy and Me class with her daughter. She's resolving this year to make it through each day rather than constantly stressing about doing the right thing.

Kaling has posted multiple baby food recipes on Instagram, some of them impressive concoctions. But really, she says, she doesn't get to cook for her daughter often. "I wanted to have it memorialized on Instagram so that everyone can see the few times I can actually do it," she says, explaining that it's "rewarding" to post her work on social media.

Kaling is striving to push back her guilt about not being the perfect mother and instead be a conscious parent. Click here to learn more.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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