Meghan Markle Loves Showing Off Her Baby Bump and Doesn't Care What Others Say

The Duchess has received criticism for frequently touching her stomach.

When Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, presented an award at the British Fashion Awards, she received a surprising amount of criticism from various people on social media. They critiqued her for the way she frequently cradles her stomach.

Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting their first child, and Meghan has been photographed placing a hand on her belly multiple times. But the pictures taken at the BFAs drew particular criticism, as some thought she was drawing attention away from the award and to herself.

One Twitter user wrote, "When will Meghan... stop constantly cradling her bump! Like the whole world doesn't know she's pregnant & it's not like she doesn't get enough attention" (TODAY). What this woman and other critics may not realize is that mothers can bond with their unborn baby by rubbing their bellies. It may even help the baby to move more often.

Other media users defended Meghan, citing body positivity and celebrating her first pregnancy. Another woman tweeted, "Nearly every pregnant woman does it. It's not harming anyone. She's happy to be a mom." Click here for more.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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