Man Gives Up First Class Seat for Mom with Sick Baby

This young mom and baby were traveling with an oxygen tank.

A young mom was flying with her eleven-month-old daughter when a passenger gave them an unexpected gift. Kelsey Rae Zwick's twin girls were born prematurely, and their lungs are scarred. Zwick and one of her daughters, Lucy, were traveling to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to seek treatment. 

Lucy has an oxygen tank for her lungs, which can be challenging because airplane seats have very limited space. One passenger noticed the mom, baby, and accompanying tank, and offered his first class seat to the two. "The flight attendant came over and told me that you (the man who offered the seat) were waiting to switch seats," she wrote in an emotional and thankful post to this stranger.

 It was the man's birthday, she later discovered, and through her viral Facebook post they reconnected. "He said it made him and his wife cry," Zwick said, explaining that the man was grateful to have this opportunity. Because the stranger gave up his seat, she and Lucy had more space for the oxygen tank.

Zwick thanked the man for noticing her and Lucy (Facebook) and "realizing that maybe things are not always easy." Click here for the full story.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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