How to Make the Best Natural Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes

As a new mom, you want everything that’s best for baby, and that includes baby’s bum. There is a DIY solution for a simple, natural, money-saving, cloth baby wipe.

As a new mom, you want everything that’s best for baby, and that includes baby’s bum.

Let’s face it: poo happens. Again and again. Not to mention messes like runny noses, spit-ups and more. That means you’re constantly wiping. So why not try a DIY solution for the best natural, homemade cloth baby wipes?

Protecting Baby’s Sensitive Skin

With every wipe, your baby’s bottom (not to mention your hands) comes in contact with the chemicals and additives included in the wipe you’re using. Some store bought wipes contain harsh fragrances and preservatives, and even the humectant (moisture preservative) propylene glycol. Did you know propylene glycol is the only ingredient found in anti-freeze?

Yes- that same stuff that goes into your car’s engine.

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I wanted what was wiping my brand-new bundle of joy’s bum to be something from nature, not a car’s radiator. I was already using cloth all-in-one diapers. Making my own cloth wipes just seemed like a natural fit, and so simple to add to the diaper wash.

So I went on the hunt (in the days before smart phones and Pinterest) and quizzed some “crunchy” moms, including my midwife, about alternative baby wipe recipes.

I always had some natural, ready-made wipes in my travel and diaper bags, but at home, I took the time and made the effort to keep baby’s bottom, and all the other parts where you’ll use baby wipes, soft and natural.

Money Saving

I’ve seen all kinds of recipes online for homemade wipes that use cut-up paper towels. I figured since I was already using all-in-one cloth diapers, I could just add the wipes to the wash without any extra work, so I opted for using thin baby washcloths, cut in half with pinking shears to prevent fraying. You may spend a bit in the beginning on your washcloths (these are perfect!), but, just like cloth diapering, you’re sure to save money in the long run of wiping. And remember, no need to wipe baby after just a pee - baby’s pee is sterile - just let them air dry :)  

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Tested and True Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes Recipe

Step one:

Stock up on thin, bulk packages baby washcloths. (Try to have at least 50 wipes on hand. That equals 25 washcloths.)

Cut in half to fit inside your reusable wipes container. I did opt for a wipe warmer in the cooler months.

Step Two:

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Pre-make the natural baby-wipes solution in a batch (see below).

Step Three:

Wipe once. Turn over. Wipe again. Fold over. Wipe another time. Get the idea? Each wipe can be used multiple times by folding and using each clean spot.

Step Four:

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Rinse (if desired) and throw into your dirty diaper pail.

Wash using natural laundry detergent and hot water with your regular diaper load.

DIY Natural Baby Wipe Solution Ingredients

* Liquid Aloe Vera, 6 fluid ounces
Aloe is soothing, healing and cooling to skin and anti-fungal and can help prevent and provide itch or rash relief.

* Almond Oil, 4 TBSP
(Or another healing/ natural oil like jojoba or apricot kernel oil.) This is your moisturizer for baby’s sensitive skin. This oil provides a perfect blend.

* Witch Hazel, 2 fluid ounces
Acting as your natural preservative, witch hazel extract also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

* Lavender, Tea Tree and/or Chamomile Essential Oils, 15-20 drops each
These three oils contain healing properties and also act as natural preservatives for freshness, both of the wipes and baby’s skin. I love these oils.

* Distilled Water, 8 fluid ounces

Directions for DIY Natural Cloth Baby Wipes:

  1. Mix together all of the above ingredients.
  2. Pour enough mixture over a day’s worth of pre-cut cloth wipes.
  3. Saturate the wipes, but don’t soak them.
  4. Store in your reusable wipe container and use for a day. (you may find you can make two days’ worth ahead.)
  5. Repeat and enjoy for yourself and baby!

Note- The liquid solution can be stored in a cool, dark spot for about 3-4 weeks so you can make larger batches ahead once you have the hang of it!

You can also use some of the solution in a spray bottle for other cleaning needs and on-the-go.

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