3 Reasons I Loved Sleep Training My Twins with Babywise

You don't have to let twins 'cry it out' and they can sleep in the same room together.

When we decided to go for baby number 2, I wasn't worried about schedules or sleep training. I had been through that once before with my son. I knew it would take some work, but if I had gotten a baby on a schedule before, and a good schedule ensures sleep.

Finding out we were having twins shifted my focus to how to get twins on a schedule. This brought unique challenges, but nothing that Babywise couldn't help with, even sleep training.

A big fear of twin parents is that they will never sleep again, but I am happy to report that it is possible to sleep with twins. Here are a few reasons I loved using Babywise with sleep training.


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My Twins Sleep

This is the most important reason to use Babywise. If you are a twin mom, this is probably the biggest reason to use Babywise with your twins. My twins sleep!

Babywise helped me make sure that my girls got the daytime sleep they need. And that translates to sleeping through the night. (Sleep begets sleep after all.)

The whole family needs quality sleep to function, and it is not selfish to want sleep as a mother. Sleep training helped me get the sleep I needed to take care of my twin (plus 1!) and it helped my twins get the sleep they needed.

I didn't spend the first year of my twins' lives in a fog due to not getting enough sleep. I could enjoy my twins and enjoy motherhood thanks to their sleeping through the night.

We Didn't Need To Cry It Out

We didn't need to use cry it out, which many believe is a must with Babywise. It isn't! We were able to sleep train our twins without tears.

No mom wants to hear her babies cry, and Babywise moms are no exception. Having two babies crying meant the whole family was awake. We could not let that happen.

With the help of Babywise, my twins slept through the night by 12 weeks. Yes, this is a little later than my singleton. But it is pretty good for twins. And we did not have to just let them cry.

It Gave Me Actionable Daytime Steps

It is really hard to troubleshoot and problem solve when you are exhausted and just want to be sleeping. It is hard to stay consistent and keep your eyes on your long-term goals in the middle of the night. Babywise helps with that.

A consistent daily wake time makes your days naturally fall into a more consistent pattern. Regular feedings give your babies enough to eat during the day, meaning they don't need to make up the calories at night.

Knowing about proper wake times helps your babies be tired enough to sleep, but not overtired so they can't fall asleep. And all of this can be worked on while you are already awake. There is no need to be struggling during the night when you desperately want to sleep.

Twins Can Sleep Through the Night

When I was expecting my twins I heard from a lot of people that I would never sleep again. Well, that just isn't true! My twins sleep and they sleep well.

You can even sleep train twins in the same room. Babywise helped make that possible.

Kim Cartwright

Kim Cartwright

Kim is a wife and mother of three- a son and twin daughters. She is a former chemist turned bookkeeper and mom who blogs about life with twins and easy STEM projects for kids. Her goal is to remind kids and parents that they don't need all the answers, they just need to be willing to wonder.

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