Little Boy Was Losing His Battle With Cancer And His Last Words to His Parents- I'm Sorry

Five-year-old Charlie Proctor passed away this weekend.

A five-year-old English boy recently lost his two-year battle with cancer. He had hepatoblastoma, a tumor beginning in the liver. Throughout his illness, his parents fundraised so that their son could have a liver transplant operation in the United States.

Charlie Proctor passed away a few weekends ago. His mother, Amber Schofield, posted a final picture of her son on social media. He said, "Mummy, I'm sorry for this," before dying in her arms.

Charlie's parents were both present at his passing. Schofield wrote that it was peaceful. Click here for the full story about Charlie's illness and this family's heartbreaking loss.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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