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 A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics reported that over a 4-year period, 31 children died while sleeping in car seats.

Sixteen other children were reported to have died while sleeping in other devices like a stroller or bouncer. 

It is important to understand that while car seats are designed to keep your child safe in the event of a collision, they are NOT safe places for your child to nap. 

Three years ago, mother Lisa Smith's 17-month-old daughter died after her babysitter put her into her car seat for a nap. 

The official cause of death was listed as positional asphyxia. This can occur when a child's airway is restricted by how they are positioned.

In the case of a car seat, a child can slump down if the straps are not tight, restricting air flow.

If the straps are tight when a child's head flops down during a nap, they can strangle the child. 

After three years, Lisa Smith still makes a point to warn parents any time she sees a child napping in their car seat. Read more about this story here

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