Jana Kramer Supports Babywise Method for Sleep Training Newborn

This country music superstar defends sleep-training her baby to online critics.

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Thousands of parents have found success with the Babywise method for sleep training their newborns over the past quarter century, but one new mom is coming under fire for using it.

Country music superstar, Jana Kramer, recently shared her Babywise success story on social media, crediting the Babywise method for helping her 8-week-old, Jace, sleep 7 hours a night.

Unfortunately, critics were quick to criticize the singer's choice to sleep train her son. But that didn't stop the star from responding promptly to the haters:

"All right, trolls. I'm talking to you guys," Kramer begins. "We do not let him scream and cry ... When he cries, we feed him, okay? And if it's not time for him to eat yet, we give him a wubbie ...So get off my page. Stop being trolly," she continues. "We're taking very good care of our baby. He looks pretty happy to me."

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Jace is Kramer's second child; she also has a 3-year-old daughter. This also isn't Jana's first brush in with the 'parenting police'. Mommy-shamers criticized her for bottle-feeding earlier as well.

Another article from the Daily Mail was quick to point out both the critics and those who jumped to the star's defense, sharing their own Babywise success stories too.

It boggles our minds why anyone thinks they can use guilt and shame to change someone's mind, much less a mother who innately believes she's doing the best for her baby. 

Rooted within the Babywise belief is the authors' stance that this sleep training method must be coupled with a parent's wisdom and intuition. After all, no-one knows your baby better than you do!

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But don't take our word for it; you can read Babywise endorsements from the medical community. You may also want to look at common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Babywise method.

If you're looking for a 'quick start guide', check out our free Babywise Boot Camp.

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