The Incredibles 2 Warning Parents Need to Hear

Should you take your family to see the film amidst parental warnings?

After fourteen long years, Disney Pixar's blockbuster film, The Incredibles, has returned with a long awaited sequel: Incredibles 2. However, there is a new warning about the film every parent needs to hear before taking their family to see it in theaters.

Without giving away too much of the plot, the leading villain's weapon of choice is strobe lights. It was Twitter user Veronica Lewis who seemed to first make the ramifications of this known via the social platform:


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incredibles 2 villain strobe light

Though seemingly harmless to many of us, these scenes (some of which last over 90 seconds with continuous flashing lights) can be disruptive to those with the health issues she points out in her tweet above.

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When I brought this to the attention of my own kids, who attended an advance screening of the film with me, corroborated Veronica's concerns. My daughter said she had to purposefully look away and my son, who tends to be more sensitive to light, agreed he had to shut his eyes and it actually gave him a headache.

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Does this mean you shouldn't take your family to see Incredibles 2? Not necessarily.

What is does mean is this:

  • Know your family well-enough before going to the film to understand if these effects could cause potential health issues
  • If you do go to see Incredibles 2, caution everyone in your party before going in and instruct them to look away once the light effects begin
  • Engage in a dialogue with your kids after every film to get a better idea of what they experienced and what they're taking away.

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It's also great to see just how quickly Disney Pixar and theaters responded to the outcry, voluntarily posting warning about the films at ticket booths across the country:

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incredibles 2 parent warning

What do you make of the film and the parent warning: will it deter you from taking your family to see Incredibles 2? You can weigh in via the comment section below.

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