Great Innovations Making Life Easier for Parents

New tech gadgets are on everyone’s wish list. For new parents, the latest tech advances for baby are not only essential in making day to day life easier, they also help parents keep baby safe.  Here’s our list of the top favorites that have been released in the last few years that are game-changers for new parents.

#1 SensorSafe by Cybex

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The Sensor Safe alert system that is integrated into the Aton M Infant Seat, the Sirona Convertible car seat and the Eternis All-In-One car seat has taken car seat safety to the next level. Beyond Cybex’s well-known car seat safety innovations, the SensorSafe alert system warns parents in critical situations.  The safety harness warning alerts parents if they have not fastened the harness properly or if a child has unfastened the chest clip while the car is in motion. The temperature warning system warns if a child is too hot or too cold in their car seat. What we are most excited about is the “child alone” warning that will sense if you have walked away from a child that is left harnessed in their car seat. This warning system will alert your smartphone and you can also set it to alert loved ones of your location. With all these warning systems in place, these car seats give parents the extra peace of mind that they will keep their baby safe in any situation.

#2 Rest+ Sound machine, Nightlight, Time-To-Rise Indicator and Audio Monitor by Hatch Baby

more HatchThe Rest + is well named as it tackles many bedtime concerns and has extra features that make this tech toy for parents one of our favorites!  Our favorite feature is how portable it is! At home, or on the go, it’s easy to take this small device with you and your child wherever life takes you. If you need a sound machine the Rest + has a library of snooze-inducing sounds and white noise to settle the fussiest baby. If you need a night light, there are a rainbow of colors to choose from. If you need an audio monitor the Rest + includes a two-way monitor that can hook up to your phone (with great security features). Our favorite feature is the Time-to-Rise indicator that allows parents to set programs that will cue your child through tricky sleep transitions. We especially love this feature for nap time/ rest time as it changes color when it’s ok for your toddler to get out of bed. This gadget really captured our hearts when we figured out that we could control it from our smartphone or ask Alexa to help us hands-free.

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#3 Snoo Baby Bassinet and Sleeper

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Getting baby to sleep is always one of the biggest concerns for new parents. The Snoo saves the day as it is the first and only responsive baby bassinet on the market. With a combination of soothing white noise, snug swaddling, and a gentle rocking motion the Snoo helps baby soothe themselves back to sleep by mimicking the motions of the womb. If baby is having a hard time sleeping the bassinet responds with more motion and sound. Parents will also love the secure positioner that prevents baby from rolling into an unsafe position. With smart features that include mobile app controls and daily sleep report, this bassinet gives parents every feature to help baby (and the parents) get a good night’s sleep.

#4 Zoli Breathe Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Nobody tells you just how much mucus your poor baby has to try to expel its first few weeks, or just how many times you wish you had something handy to help little ones “blow their noses” before they really know how to on their own.  It’s a pretty constant battle of the boogers which leaves parents feeling helpless. Zoli heard the cries of these desperate parents and created a fast, effective way to suck that snot right out of their little noses. The Zoli Breathe is a powerful battery-operated nasal aspirator that suctions the mucus out into an easy to clean chamber. Babies don’t seem to mind it because it gets the job done quickly and easily making it less stressful for parents to tackle those pesky little boogers.

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#5 Zoli Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer

Baby’s nails grow so incredibly fast, so fast that parents feel like they are trimming them every other day.  It’s a task we have all dreaded for years because when you use traditional nail clippers, there always seems to be a sharp edge that is left behind that baby scratches themselves with. Another concern that parent’s have is constantly living in fear that they are going to cut their baby’s sweet little fingers. The Buzz B eliminates the fear of accidental snipping by filing the nails down using a gentle vibrating circular abrasive pad.  It can even be used when baby is sleeping! No more hesitancy for grandparents too as they can file nails without nervous parents worrying.

#6 Baby Brezza Formula Pro and Advanced (WiFi) Baby Formula Dispenser

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For the bottle-feeding parents, hold on, this is nothing short of amazing! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced mixes formula and water to a perfect consistency and temperature. Parents can set up to four different sizes and three different temperatures to create the perfect bottle for their little one. With an easy to use app and alert system that lets you know when you’re low on formula or water this dispensing system is a luxury item worth investing in.

#7 MamaRoo4 Infant Seat

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Need a baby to be soothed so you can get a couple of small chores done? Try the MamaRoo4 Bluetooth enabled baby seat. With five motion settings and four sound settings, you’re sure to find a setting that calms your little one while you find a little time to get things done around the house. We love the remote control feature, adjustable seat recline settings, the overhead mobile, and the easy to remove seat pad that combines to give the MamaRoo4 an A+ ease of use grade from our team.

#8 InstaPot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer


Now, we realize this is not a traditional “baby product”, but the latest kitchen appliance to draw our attention is worth mentioning in an article about tech advances for parents because it really makes cooking in a time crunch incredibly easy. The latest addition to the InstaPot family and its addition of the air fryer gives the cook in the family 11 different setting options and puts every cooking method into one. Pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, air fry, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate and keep food warm in this all-in-one mega performer that turns the chore of cooking into a simple one pot amazing solution. The delay function and smart programs make use of the InstaPot the perfect way to have a hot dinner when you want it.

#9 Apps! 

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The App Store is our favorite place to find tech help for parents. With an abundance of timers, programs, trackers, books, recipes, advice, and schedulers all available at your fingertips, being a parent has never been easier! Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

”Pregnancy Tracker” by What to Expect – Track baby’s growth, watch videos, understand your body’s changes, learn facts, and connect with other parents.

“Contractions” by Amila – Simple way to track contractions and help identify labor or false contractions.

“BabySparks- Development Activities & Milestones” by BabySparks – learn activities and routines that encourage age-appropriate development. Fun activities and helpful videos that give parents new ideas on playing with baby.

“Baby + Your Baby Tracker” by Health & Parenting – The most complete baby tracker app we found. Track growth, milestones, memories, routines, and development all in one easy to use app.

Molly Ryan

Molly Ryan

Molly is a mom of 5, grandma of two and a baby product expert. For the last 23 years she has enjoyed connecting parents to products and resources that help make their parenting journey uniquely theirs.

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