Girls' Names on the Verge of Extinction

These names are falling into a strange time warp.

We have the cutest grandma name for my mother-in-law: Nanita. (It's a combination of "Nana" and "Anita", her first name). But she may be one of the last with such a moniker because "Anita" is one of the almost three dozen girls' names on the verge of extinction.

A recent report shows that many once-popular names for new baby girls are about to go away. They don't quite fall into the 'vintage' category yet are still recent enough that they can evoke images of over-bearing great-aunts that pinched your cheeks at every family reunion.

In addition to Anita, the following girls' names are in limbo:

  • Beverly
  • Gail
  • Francine
  • Loretta 
  • Lorraine
  • Blanche

While not every name from the Golden Girls or our favorite female country icons is going away (Rose is still doing quite well), they're not in great standing as a group.

To measure your favorite old-fashioned girl's name against the full Huffington Post list, read the full article here.

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