Firemen Go Above And Beyond For New Mom Who Called 911

This crew of men fed her baby and shoveled her driveway.

Kansas mother Jessica Giffin encountered an unexpected medical emergency when she forced her wedding ring back onto her finger. She hadn't been able to wear it while she was pregnant, according to KMBC News. Her finger turned blue and began to swell.

As her finger grew worse, she called local authorities for backup. The Olathe, Kansas fire department came to her house and began working on removing her ring. They ended up needing to cut it from her hand.

But while they were there, the firemen began helping Giffin in other ways. Her baby, Luke, woke up and needed to feed; one fireman gave him his bottle to drink. They even let her dogs out and shoveled her driveway (KMBC).

 Giffin, who already felt overwhelmed with her baby son, said, "I felt like I had a room full of angels and the comfort they provided was God sent." She also emphasized how many ordinary things firemen do for people that go unrecognized. Click here for the full story.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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